10 August 2010

Race Day Plan - Ironman Arizona 2010

"We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort." ~~ Jesse Owens, 1936 American Olympian, 4 time Gold Medalist

(FYI Arizona is 1 hour ahead of California - Mountain Time Zone)
A Goal - 11:40 Dream goal - splits 1:02 / 5 min / 5:40 / 4min / 4:48 - (1:28/100 yd swim pace, 19.77 mph ride, and 11 min per mile pace on the run.)
B Goal - 11:59 - splits 1:02 / 5 min / 5:40 / 4min / 5:08 - (1:28 per 100 yd swim pace, 19.77 mph ride, and 11:45 per mile pace on the run.)
C Goal - Finish! After all, that's what I am here to do and stuff happens.

Keys for Success:
  • Swim: draft.
  • Bike: negative split the 3 loops; keep heart rate in a reasonable zone (below 133 after 1st 1/2 hour).
  • Bike: relax shoulders, hold aero position; full pedal stroke; nutrition and hydration early on bike.
  • Run: smooth, "easy" run pace during 1st half of the marathon; hip position; forward lean; 90 strides/min; maintain heart rate in a reasonable zone; negative split, at least in effort.
  • Finish strong, with joy and gratefulness
Race Week:
· Plenty of sleep
· Daily quiet time to gather mental energy and visualize race
· No caffeine
· Minimize stress and avoid negative people around you
· Very low fiber consumption beginning Saturday
· Revisit key sections of course in training: morning swims, bike different sections, run along lake

Race Morning:
4am Wake up
4:05 Eat banana, bagel, and soy milk; metamucil, 1/2 immodium pill, and gasx; suppliments
4:15 Shower and shave; Tri shorts and top on; Sunscreen lower arms, leg fronts, lower back, face; Heart Rate monitor on, last minute stuff; Bathroom; Pack car; checklist
4:45 Leave for race, sip energy drink
5:00 Race site: Bike ready: bottles, computer, tires; Bento bag: extra electrolytes, shot blox, 1 gel bottle, 3 extra gels, butt wipes; Body marked; Have Linda sunscreen upper arms, shoulders, calves; wash hands; pump and sunscreen to Get Sladed Nation; Drop Special needs; Jogging warm up, Arm warm up, stretching, focus, visualize, relax, be grateful to be here
6:20 Wetsuit on, body glide, 1 gel, goggles and cap; drop warm up bag
6:40 In the water, swim warm up
6:50 Get into position, just behind the front row, around center, face in water

SWIM Goal: 1:02 (62 min) = ~1:28/100yd pace = 1:01:35
(note: ~1:25/100yd = 59:50, 1:24/100 = ~59:15, 1:23/100 = ~58:40)
Keys for Success:
- Face in water frequently while waiting
- Fast first 200m then find someone to draft behind
- Efficient pull
- Increase kick slightly last 500m
Technique Focus:
Relaxed and strong
Steady and even-paced
"You've done the work."
"You are strong"

T1 (Transition1): wetsuit off; get bag; goggles/cap off, towel down on ground, socks on, shoes on; arm warmers on, gloves on; glasses and helmet on; race belt/number on while running; mount line, running mount on bike; Ride under control - it's not a sprint!

Bike Goal: Ride steady in order to run strong - 5:40
Keys for Success:
-Monitor HeartRate - keep at 133 or below; early on it should be lower
-Resist the excitement - first lap fairly easy, holding back; increase effort slightly on 2nd lap; work the 3rd lap without losing sight of the run
-Stay alert - avoid other riders and cones
-Head check top down: Aero position eyes up, neck and shoulders stretch, hydration/nutrition, breathing,  flat back, stretch back, full pedal stroke
-250 calories per hour - Perpetuem bottle for 1st 4 hours, 2 dilluted gel bottles for last 1:40
-Water - sipping 16-24 oz per hour as needed
-Electrolytes - SaltStick capsule every 20-30 min; more if hot
-Shot blox optional nutrition replacement

Technique Focus:
Head check top down: Aero position eyes up, neck and shoulders stretch, hydration/nutrition, breathing, flat back, stretch back, full pedal stroke

Relax shoulders
Relax onto elbow pads
Stretch neck and back early and often
Head tucked, eyes rolled up

“First lap is a warm up”
Grateful to supporters: Lap 1 Linda, Corey and Marc and visitors; Lap 2 Diane, Parents; Lap 3 Diane, Linda

T2: handoff bike, helmet off, shoes and socks off, compression socks on, shoes on; gel shot blox, SaltStick capsules, gel bottle, and wipes in pocket; glasses back on if taken off, hat on, race belt moved to front, “Be Strong at the End!”

Run Goal: 4:48 to 5:08
Keys for Success:
-Resist the excitement - walk/jog first few minutes to ease into the run to protect the heel and control heart rate - low 120's early, low 130's in last miles
-Focus on form - hips forward, forward lean with back straight, high cadence
-Take regular walk breaks - 5 min run, 30 sec walk or at every aid station
-Start at easy pace, holding back until later miles
-Take in gel or chews every 15 minutes; water every aid station
-Electrolytes - SaltStick capsule every 20-30 min
-Base pace on Heart Rate and perceived effort, NOT mile pace
“Hips forward”
“You are STRONG”
"Just MOVE"
"I believe"
Grateful to supporters:
Linda, Diane, Marc & Corey, parents, Evelyne & Irv, Phil & Mike & Bill, iamtri group, Karen and Launer, coaches, The "Hill" is Matt's Mtn, Linda,

0-3 miles: Jog, then easy pace with 30 sec walk breaks every 5 min or at aid stations. Breathing.
3-18 miles: Focus on form and efficiency. Monitor heart rate (mid 120s). Nutrition and hydration.
18-20 miles: The race begins. Monitor heart rate (low to mid-130s max)
20-26 miles: Be strong at the finish. Monitor heart rate (mid-130s, higher last 2 miles). Be in the moment.

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  1. Skip, thanks again for posting your race day plan (and pre-race as well). It is a huge help for someone like me who has never done an Ironman before.