12 December 2011

28 November - 11 December 2011

Ironman Hawaii World Championships was this past Saturday. I found it very inspiring. I enjoy watching the pros race although they always present it in a way that's tough to follow in detail... if you care. They also covered a number of age grouper stories, perhaps more than usual, but not in quite as much depth. There were also quite a few struggling oldsters they tracked across the finish line at the end. Because my goal and desire is to qualify for this race, I watch it with a particular mindset and interest. Once again it made me think: "WHAT IS YOUR PASSION?! WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? WHAT DRIVES YOU? WHAT ARE YOU CAPABLE OF?"

Ironman Arizona was 3 weeks ago now. It seems like a lot longer to me. 1 1/2 weeks ago I got into the pool twice, plus started on upper body and core strength training. I wanted to give my legs an extra week to recover. The mid-week swim I wasn't quite ready but by the weekend I was feeling back to normal. I finished the weekend with my head and heart starting to feel that it was time to ease back into training, to begin preparation for Ironman Texas and trying to win my age group to get that slot for Kona. I had begun seeing a new physical therapist that I believe and hope has the magic touch to quickly eliminate the plantar f-ing-itis in my right heel that I totally inflamed at IMAZ. He uses A.R.T. and claims a nearly perfect success rate. (We'll just see about that.)

This past weekend was a frustrating week. My intention was to ease back into training beginning Tuesday, getting in a couple of workouts in each discipline, plus two weight sessions, all of a relatively short duration. When I got in the pool on Tuesday an intercostal strain across my upper left chest and back made swimming go from uncomfortable to nearly impossible. I had to get out after 600 yards. I realized I would be setting myself back if I continued to force it. Went to the weight room and did what I could for upper body and core, avoiding anything that caused pain in the chest. This was my 2nd week of this and I stuck with the same weights, sets, and rep count as last week.

Got on the Elliptical on Wednesday to do a 10 min warm up for weights. When I realized it wasn't bothering my strain, I continued for another 20 min for 30 total. I was a happy puppy after that! Did a 40 min elliptical on Saturday and a final strength training session. Sunday was my first time back on the bike since Arizona and it was a nice 2 hours - to Oceanside harbor and back - without a heart rate monitor or a concern for speed or effort. Finished the day with a nice 45 min walk with Linda and the dogs and a beautiful sunset.

Today I've got sore glutes and quads but that should be gone by tomorrow. My intention is to get some loosely structured training in - 2 swims, 2 rides, and 2 elliptical runs. Also will get 3 full strength trainings in. Will see the physio therapist twice for my heel.

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