Kona Ironman Compilation '05, '07, '08  with music by Immediate Music: Serenata Immortale, Spiritus Elektros, Rhapsody
David Goggins, Human Machine
Muhammed Ali, impossible is nothing adidas
David Goggins, Navy Seal, on training
Dick and Ricky Hoyt at Ironman Hawaii (25th)
John Blais - The Blazeman
Robert Key, Galveston 70.3, 2011
Why Do You Run?
DJ Gregory, Walk On, golfer with cerebral palsey
J Mac - A Hoop Dream, basketball player with autism
Matt Hoover, Biggest Loser, Ironman Hawaii 
TYR commercial video (song - Swim by Surfer Blood)
Ali in the Jungle by The Hours (a music video - song used in a Nike commercial)
Rise and Shine