20 May 2011

Iron Girl Atlanta and Ironman Texas

 What a weekend it was last week! The whole process of getting 7 novice triathletes to the starting line after working with all of them, except Linda, mostly through email, was a challenge. The rewards Sunday were oh so sweet.

Every single one completed the Iron Girl Atlanta “sprint” triathlon is quite an accomplishment that I hope the will all be proud of. It turned out to be a tough triathlon (especially when it came to the bike segment) for a first timer. Linda is so glad everyone helped her mark this new beginning post-breast cancer treatment and I am extremely proud of all of their achievement.

It was an amazing experience and a great day. Of course seeing my wife cross that line had me in tears. They all earned their medals and I hope they will be able to look back on the day and draw strength from it because they can strive and do whatever they set out to do, not just in sports but in life.

A coaching side note because this is one of the rewards I get to experience. Besides being on these 7 family members' journeys, I had the honor of having an impact on an 8th. The swim course goes along the shore for about 250 yards. I was watching from this vantage point about 50 yards down the beach. During the first wave of women, all 50 years and older, out comes a woman saying she can't do this, she done, this is terrible. Her husband is there calmly trying to reassure her to get back in and go, but of course she'll have none of that. Having the advantage of being an outsider I was offered to help. He stepped back and I spoke quietly to her, calmer her down, explaining why she was feeling this way, pointing out that the pack was in front of her now and that she'd have clear water, telling her where she should swim, etc. Off she went back into the water, with a very nice, strong stroke I might add, finishing the swim. I never saw her after that but have faith she made it to the finish line. Those are the kinds of moments that make coaching so great.
Ironman Texas is here! Weather prediction: "warm"(up to 100), "breezy"(10-20+mph), and "sticky"! Bike is racked, transition bags are in place, took a nap, and ate dinner. Still left on the to-do list: pack special needs bags, prep the nutrition, retape my calves, and sleep. WooHooo! Almost time to take it on!


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