25 October 2009

Monday 19 October - Sunday 25 October 2009

Written Sun 10/25 - There are 4 weeks left before Ironman Arizona. This was a Peak Week as is the coming week and a half before the taper begins. In the weightroom I moved into the "Chisel Phase", doing 2 sets of 12 to fatigue. I only managed 2 training sessions.
I spoke with someone who did Ironman Arizona in 2008 for a half hour and she gave me lots of information that I can use to plan, visualize, and anticipate the day. It also got me even more excited so I have to rein that in.
I have to say that I have been proud of myself, not just this week but all year, for handling setbacks by adjusting, adapting, and moving forward. There have been more "temporary setbacks" than I ever imagined. Being able to adjust and adapt will probably come in handy on race day, as expectations and reality rarely align themselves, especially in one's first Ironman.
The 6 hour bike ride followed 2 hours later by a 2 hour (modified) run went well. My legs are wiped out but tomorrow is a rest day. The ride was a little on the slow side but a sustainable effort that makes me believe in the goal split that I have in mind. My bike setup was modified and is between what the bike set up was and my original set up. My old rotator cuff/tendonitis weakness in the left shoulder was fine afterward. And that's after doing a nearly 3 mile swim on Saturday.
The heel hurt a lot on Saturday after the physical therapist's Graston rubbing. I think she was a little too agressive. I had to postpone the run until Sunday.
Continuing medicinal herb tea from my Oriental Medicine doctor for my pouchitis and physical therapy using the Graston Technique for the plantar f-ing-itis. Acupuncture one a week too.
Have started working on my written race plan and it's got my focus right where it should be.

Weekly Totals:
Swim 7950 yd
Bike 10:20
Water Run 3:15/Treadmill 1:51
Wt Training 2 times
Monday 10/19
Rest Day
Acupuncture; Oriental doctor for pouchitis
Tuesday 10/20
Cancelled swim workout - left shoulder hurting
Water Run 45 min
25 min at RPE8
Weights - arms
pm Weights - legs, core
w.u. 17 min treadmill
5 min walk, 10 min run @ easy 5mph, 2 min walk
pm Weights - legs, upper - power phase 3 sets of 8 to failure
15 min Treadmill w.u. with 10 min of run @5, 5.5, and 6.0mph
Wednesday 10/21
am Spin Bike Ride 1:30
60 min class, 30 min post-class
plan: stay in high aerobic (RPE7-8)zone
HR149/134; 1008 cal
Zone4- 1:09:41, z3- 7:11, z2- 6:54
Physical Therapy - Graston Technique
pm No workout - hear Coach Jim Vance speak on Tapering
Thursday 10/22
am Swim 3200 yd, 30 min water run
3,2,1; 8 x 50 K - 4 Fly on 60, 4 Fr on 65
4 x 100 Fr Mod on 1:30
7 x 200 Fr on 3:20 - 240, 39, 38, 36's
8 x 50 Fr on 55 - 36's, 35, 35,35
100 SD
Water Run :30 at mod effort
pm Brick - 1:30 Spin Bike, 31 min Treadmill Run
Spin Bike Ride 90 min
HR145/131; 974 cal
Zone4- 58:26, z3- 23:24
~6 min transition
Treadmill 31 min
2 min walk, 4x (5min run (descend 5.0 to 6.0mph), 1 min walk), 3 min run, 2 min walk
Friday 10/23
am Spin Bike Ride 1:20
60 min class, 20 min post-class
HR143/127; 809 cal
Z4- 40:04, z3- 26047, z2- 6:28
Physical Therapy
pm weights - legs, core
Saturday 10/24
am Swim 4750 yd
4000 Fr mod - 28:36
200 fr split - 2:37
500 splits - 659, 709, 707, 712, 711, 713, 714, 713
pm 60 min water run
2:30 run scheduled but felt pain behind left knee that wouldn't subside. Cut run short. Also had intended to do up to half on the track and the treadmill but the heel is very painful from Friday's physical therapy.
Weights - arms
Sunday 10/25
am Bike 6:09, 102.2 miles
HR142/119; 3320 cal
Speed 40.7/17.4mph
Zone4- 14:43, z3- 4:01:19, z2- 1:40:02, z1- 12:10
3 hours - 53.6 mi, 100 mi - 5:56:20
~7 min worth of breaks - bathroom, water refill, etc
rode Carlsbad coast and Cannon/Melrose
pm 60 min Water Run, 11 min transition, 63 min treadmill run/walk @ 5 to 6.0 mph
4 min walk; alt. 5 min run, 1 min walk; 3 min cool down
HR125/110; 483 cal on treadmill

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