02 January 2011

Monday 27 December 2010 - Sunday 2 January 2011

Written Sunday, 2 January 2011 - It's been over a month since I wrote a workout blog update on training. It's not like I haven't been training, I guess it just has to do with my focus. Linda had her 2nd chemo treatment this past week and is feeling pretty lousy. Son 2 is also sick, though he is starting to feel better tonight.
My focus, besides being on Linda, has been divided a little with passing my triathlon coaching test and preparing to coach. As of the new year, I will have 7 women newbie triathletes to coach as they prepare for Iron Girl Atlanta in May - a sprint triathlon. It'll be 1 week before I race IMTX in The Woodlands. While I'll have the stress and excitement of Iron Girl, it will also allow me to be training in the humid South for about a week and a half.
This week's training went well. It was a Recovery week after 3 weeks of base phase training. With New Year's Day a holiday I was able to move some of my Saturday to Friday. Saturday I woke up with a heart rate of 52 so I took the day off instead of riding. It was 49 at the start of the week. My Sunday Brick went well, with an extended 2 hour trainer ride followed by a 30 min run on the road.
Weighed 156.5 during the week but a very large 160 late. Didn't want to know what I weighed this morning. Too much food! Except for the whole bag of tortilla chips, at least it was healthy food...small consolation!

Week Totals
Swim 3 times - 7450 yd
Bike 3 times - 1x Spin :60; 0x Road : ( mi); 2x Trainer 3:20
Run 4 times - 1x run :30; 0x elliptical :; walk 1:02; 2x stairmaster :20; 3x treadmill 2:10
Strength Training - 3x upper, 3x core, 3x lower - 3 sets of 12-15


  1. Good start to the year Skip. Keep up the good effort.

  2. You take off at 52? That's my good range! :)

  3. Haha! Well 52 is higher than I'm used to. 43-45 was normal for the last year. For some reason it's been mostly up in the 48-49 range since December.