09 April 2019

"Transporting" Your Swim Workout to the Pool

Your coach gives you a swim workout made up of a warm up, drills, sets, etc. How are you supposed to remember everything once you’re in the water?
There are many ways to bring you workout with you so you know what to do. Besides having your coach be right there on the pool deck telling you, you can:
• Print the workout with your printer and put it in a ziplok bag.
• Write it down on a piece of paper or postit note with ball point pen, get the paper wet, stick it to a kickboard or pull buoy that you’re not using, and prop it on the pool deck to read. Good paper will usually last the length of the workout.
• Put your phone or tablet in a waterproof case and display the workout on the screen.
• Write it on an underwater writing slate (the kind sometimes used in scuba diving).
• Memorize the workout along with the intervals.
How do you do it? Any other ideas?

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