22 December 2008

December 22-28, 2008 Week 18 Plans

This is week 18 in training for California 70.3 in Oceanside on April 4. This is the second "build phase" week that will continue to add even more speed intensity in the name of race specific endurance. I have lengthened the build phase by a number of weeks while at the same time I'm trying to balance the triathlon training plan with a marathon training plan for the Rock n Roll on May 31. The USATriathlon organization is doing it's yearly team challenge and I am on the Tri Club San Diego Team. It's a contest of which team of 75 can put in the most mileage. Each month has a different emphasis. December is swimming, though you keep track of all miles. Out of everyone participating (regardless of age group) I am 29th as of early around Tuesday of this week. I wish that would translate into a high placing in an event but mileage and effort can only go so far in compensating for lack of ability.
(Red=eliminated/moved elsewhere, Green=added/moved here)

Mon. - complete rest
Tue. - swim 6 x 100 mod aerobic, RI 5, 8 x 75 @ VO2 max, RI 45, 9 x 25 @ sprint speed, RI 20;
Lift weights;
Run 18 x 30 sec @VO2 max(RPE9), active rest 30sec(:38)
Wed. - Spin class (total 1:10);
Run :55 steady run @ mod aerobic, 6 x 20 sec relaxed sprints @speed(RPE9-10), RI 40 active
Thu. - (Xmas) Bike 1:45 steady ride @mod aerobic
Fri. - 6 x 200 @ threshold, RI 30, 4 x 50 @ sprint speed, RI 20;
lift weights;
Bike 1:30 steady ride @mod aerobic
Sat. - Swim 2000 mod aerobic;
Brick 1hr15min/30min @ mod aerobic
Sun. - Rest Day. Tomorrow is a 5K race so will do Sunday's workouts tomorrow

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