29 December 2008

Monday 29 December 2008 Bumble Bee 5K

8:45am 5K race Bumble Bee / Holiday Bowl / Big Balloon Parade 5K; 11am 4.1 mile run; 12pm weight lifting
22:23 Best Time
w.u. ~1 mile, including walk
c.d. walk, etc 30-35 min HR ave100
Raced it the whole way, pushing the pace. Kept HR in the 150's for ~1st 1/2, increasing to 160s for last half or 1/3. HR at the starting line was ~88-95.
5K + cool down HR166/121; 536 cal

Run 4.1 miles, 36:26 - Moonlight to Grand View and back
HR148/133; 404 cal
5 min walk c.d.

12 noon Weightlifting

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