20 December 2008

Saturday 20 December 2008

7:45am road Bike Ride 3:02, 47.6 miles
Home to La Costa Ave, Hwy 101 loops in Carlsbad, La Costa Av to home

includes 3 laps on 101 between LaCostaAv and WalnutAv
1- 40:01 HR141/128
2- 40:22 HR134/125
3- 38:17 HR140/125
overall HR141/122; 1738 cal
Speed28.4/16.2 mph
Air temp was a frigid 41 degrees at the start. It was so cold I rode slowly down the hills. Took nutrition using gel bottles, Salt Stick capsules, and water. Toes frozen until 1/2 mile from home. Learned something about the cold and what I may need to wear to stay warm.

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