19 April 2009

Thursday 16 April - Sunday 19 April 2009

Began doing structured workouts again now that my muscles show no more signs of soreness. And now that Mrs Sladed and I are back from a long, relaxing weekend. The easy 800 swims along with 10-15 minutes of water running last week were very helpful in my recovery from Ironman 70.3 California. I am still buzzing from the experience.

I am not yet following a training plan for Ironman Arizona in November but am getting organized and ready for that. With my foot injury I'm thinking more and more that I will take running off completely for at least 2 months, hoping therapy, stretching and rest will do the trick. (Right now it is very painful at times.) Instead, I'm contemplating water running twice (or 3x) a week for aerobic conditioning and adding 1 or 2 additional bike workouts instead. Improving by bike even more would be a very good thing for me.

I am already thinking about Arizona and the new mental challenge that I anticipate it will present. This will be my first triathlon that has a mass start. All the triathlons I've been in have wave starts where different age groups start at different times. In Arizona, since there's a good chance I'll be in the top 30% coming out of the water, it is highly likely that there will be many athletes, especially younger ones, who will ride and run faster than me. This means that many will be passing me on the course. This will be a new experience because most of the time in wave start triathlons the older and slower athletes are behind me and very few ever pass me. On the contrary, I have the motivating pleasure of passing younger, slower athletes that were ahead of me because of their earlier swim start. I know that this is really a psychological issue but it is an important one I somehow need to prepare for as part of this 12 hour race.

Thursday 16 April
Swim 2200 yd; Water Run 30 min
200 Mtn Fr P
100 Mtn K
200 Mtn Fr
200 SD

Water Run 30 min

Friday 17 April
65 min Spin Class
Good workout. Sweat rate much less than it was leading up to Oceanside even though worked hard and pushed HR up.

Saturday 18 April
8:10am Swim 2500yd; 1:20pm Water Run 30 min
200 Mtn Fr P on 45/50
10 x 50 K - 5 Fly on 60, 5 Fr on 70
50 ez
6 x 100 Fr on 1:30 - 120-121
2 x 50 Fr sprint on 55 - 33s

Water Run 30 min
planned 45 min but low blood sugar/energy

Sunday 19 April
8am road Bike ride 2:16:51, 36.o miles
home/San Elijo Hills/Cannon Rd/101/Carlsbad Pine St/ La Costa Ave/El Camino/Home
HR145/121; 1286 cal

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