17 August 2009

Monday 10 August 2009 - Sunday 16 August 2009

Mon 8/10 - Have a long bike and long run scheduled for the weekend on top of another rough water swim. Need to figure out how to split those up.
Mon 8/17 - I waited until Monday to write after the podiatrist visit. Received another injection but he is not optimistic. He has "agressively" treated me but has not gotten the response he expected. He sees 5 or 10% who's plantar f-ing-itis is stubborn and doesn't respond. If this last shot doesn't work he has 1 other option but it's not covered by insurance. I'm not anxious to do that yet. If I'm not progressing and starting to run in the next 2 weeks, my next 2 hopeful options are acupuncture and something called the Graston Technique, which Greg Bennett (Austrailian Olympic triathlete) suggested to me because it worked for him. Sunday's Aquathlon, the event that started me down this triathlon road, reminded me again how much I want to run, and race, and compete.
My Saturday workout was a good one. It was tough to finish thefirst hour of the 1.75 hour water run after a 3.5 hour bike ride that morning but I'm glad I got through. Later I realized it was pretty close to a half Ironman without the 1.2 mile swim. I'm feeling fit, even if water running is not the same as weightbearing running. The weight program is going well and I am feeling stronger, working to fatigue, but not getting sore. Swimming isn't getting faster but I can tolerate that, knowing the weights and workload will keep me from dropping much time until I peak. I'm happy with my efforts on the spin bike and think this will mostly transfer to rode riding.
Have a kernel of an idea that's beginning to grow about starting a beginners' triathlon group next spring to help others who are wanting to give it a go but aren't sure how to start.
Weekly Totals:

  • Swim 8600yd
  • Bike 7:06
  • Run 2:13
  • Wts 2 3/4times
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Monday 8/10
    Rest day
    weighed in at a pretty lean 159.5. I think my ideal racing weight would be about 157-158, though I've never been that low.

    Tuesday 8/11
    Swim 3400 yd; Water Run 40 min
    5 x 100 IM on 1:45
    4 x 100 Fr P on 1:30
    3 x 100 K on 2:10 - alt 50 Fly, Fr
    12 x 100 Fr on 1:30 A.T. ~122
    7 x 50 Fr H on :55
    Water Run 40 min
    8 x 30 bursts
    calf cramps

    weight training
    10 min exercise bike w.u.
    add 1 free wt. deltoid exercise

    Wednesday 8/12
    Spin Bike Ride 1:15
    HR165/135; 872 cal
    Pre-class 13:38
    class 48:23
    Post-class 13:00
    Zone5- 12:30, Z4- 37:56, Z3- 11:38

    Thursday 8/13
    Swim 2900yd, Water Run 48 min
    200 Mtn Fr P on 1:30/100, 2 - 200s
    200 Mtn K RI5-10, alt 25 fly, fr
    6 x 100 Fr on 1:30 - alt 25 build, 25 debuild
    12 x 25 Fr on :35 - all :15s
    Water Run 48 min
    Spin Bike Ride 1:17
    HR164/129; 818 cal
    Pre-class 23:01, HR130/112
    Class 54:10, HR164/135

    Friday 8/14
    Spin Bike Ride 58 + 56 min
    2 x 45 min classes + pre-class riding
    1st class
    2nd class
    HR160/137 excluding pre-class ride
    lift weights - most arm exercises
    pm lift weights - partial
    10 min exercise bike w.u.

    Saturday 8/15
    road Bike Ride 3:31:22, 54.9 miles
    HR153/127; 2103 cal
    Speed38.2/16.0 mph
    Zone5- 2:52, Z4- 1:13:36, Z3- 1:29:44, Z2- 22:06
    3 x San Elijo Hill climbs - #1 3rd gear sit, 11:38; #2 2nd gear sit, 11:24; #3 3rd gear stand 10:44
    pm Water Run 1:45

    Sunday 8/16
    1 mile rough water swim + warm up

    pm lift weights
    10 min exercise bike w.u.

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