07 September 2010

Monday 30 August - Sunday 5 September 2010

Written Mon 9/6 -  (Week 13, 12 weeks remain - 75 days left) It’s been a week of learning and, I think, a week of progress. The week before (week 12) I had overdone running on solid ground. Although I had stuck to my plan to only do 40-45 min at a time, I did that 3 or more times. That was too much and I felt it on Monday around the back of the heel on the sides of the Achilles tendon. This past week I reverted back to using the elliptical machine more, only doing a real run as part of the Sunday long run. Also resisted extending the time to 1 hour even though I was feeling good.

I was still unable to swim due to shoulder issues. I’ve been doing physical therapy for them and see the doctor in the coming week. Though the pain had lessened (it hurt more on Sunday), certain angles still cause me problems. At certain points it feels like it (the right) “catches”. Sleeping wrong exacerbates the pain. With the 3 mile La Jolla Gatorman this coming Sunday, I will once again have to skip a race I signed up for due to injury...GRRRRRR!

Was in Palm Desert this weekend and did the 4 ½ hr long ride on Sat. and the long run on Sun. The ride was on the road where the terrain had some similarities with IMAZ. I’d love to come back a few times before Nov. 21. It was a lesson in endurance, hydration, and nutrition. The temp was reasonable during the first half and all went smoothly. In hindsight I rode too hard at the start. The heat rose quite a bit the 2nd half, I didn’t drink enough, and I could have used more nutrition. I think I could have taken in a little more of both. COLD water would have been even better as the temperature was over 100 F. It was a struggle to finish the ride and my thought a number of times was that I couldn’t make it. It wasn't that I was endangering myself, my body was just protesting. I did finish and then consummed massive amounts of water and food. It’s a reminder that this process of getting to the starting line is a gradual build physically and mentally to be able to go the distance. (63 oz water, 3 Nuun tabs, 7 SaltStick Caps, 8 scoops Perpetuem)

The long run on Sunday was less of a challenge than expected, considering how toasted I was after the ride. I stuck with the plan, doing only 45 min on the treadmill with the rest on the elliptical to total the 2hr 20 min. Avoided the heat completely by using the treadmill instead of trying to find a good place to run outside.

Did my 3rd week of “Peak Power Phase” strength training, though nearly all the upper body stuff was left out because of the shoulders Also decided to miss Sunday’s lower body work, being out on a vacation weekend.

Week Totals
Swim 0 times - 0 yd
Bike 5 times - 4x Spin 4:09; 1x Road 4:30 (77.6 mi)
Run - 2x run 1:30; 3x eliptical 2:50; 4x walk 1:18; 2x stairmaster :35
Strength Training - 0x upper, 3x core, 2x lower - 3 sets of 10-12 with speed
Mon  rest day - physical therapy (shoulder)
Tue 8/31
am - No swim; Run Elliptical 45 min
12 x 1 min hard/1 min recovery
No heartrate monitor
pm - strength training - lower, core - at speed 3 x 10-12
wu stairmaster 20 min
Wed 9/1
am - Spin bike ride 1:25
HR153peak/123ave; zone1- 6.5, 2- 10.5, 3- 47.5, 4- 18.5, 5- 42sec
pm - Brick - spin bike 1:29/ elliptical :30; treadmill walk 18 min
Spin bike HR137/124; z1- 3, 9, 1:10, 7.5, 0
elliptical HR131/124; z1- 0, 1, 29, 0, 0
treadmill walk 18 min
Thu 9/2
am - no swimming - ?
pm - strength training
w.u. stairmaster 15 min
Fri 9/3
am - Spin bike ride 1:15

HR154/128ave; z1- 6, 5.5, 22.5, 36.5, 2.5
pm - none scheduled - in Palm Desert thru Monday
Sat 9/4
am - Road bike ride 4:30, 77.6 miles - walked 10 min

HR151peak/125ave; z1- 6.5, 34.5, 2:40, 1:05, 10sec
(does not include ~5 min bathroom break ½ way thru)
Started at 6:45am. Temp eventually rose to over 100F. towards the end. Did not drink enough water or consume enough nutrition. Electrolytes I think were okay but will evaluate that more as well. HR was higher than normal for not a very high effort at times during the last 45 min.
63 oz water, 3 Nuun tabs, 7 SaltStick Caps, 8 scoops Perpetuem
pm - skipped a recovery run - walked 20 min
Sun 9/5
am - Run 2:20 – 15 min elliptical, 45 min treadmill, 1:20 elliptical

HR132/114ave; z1- 12.5, 50.5, 1:18.5, 0, 0
15 min elliptical HR95ave
45 min treadmill HR128/116
1:20 elliptical HR132/118
pm - skipped strength training - walked 30 min

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