17 January 2011

Monday 10 January - Sunday 16 January 2011 (plus Ocotillo Century Ride)

Written 1/17/11 - This week was week 6 in my 23 week plan for Ironman Texas. (Even though I want to do well at California 70.3 half Ironman in Oceanside in early April, my focus is Texas.) This was still part of the 8 week Base Phase, the 2nd week of a 4 week block. I flipflopped this week's workout with next week's because of the century ride I did on Saturday.
Have added saunas to my routine, going in a couple times a week. Am up to 8 minutes. Using it to help get ready to acclimate for IMTX. True acclimating will probably start in March.
My cold was still having an impact on me this week as well so I skipped a 90 min ride on Wed. and strength training on Thur. (Went to a lecture on Thursday instead.) Friday I took off completely. Saturday was the ride and I tacked a 30 min run onto the end of it. On Sunday fatigue was so heavy that I planned on skipping training all together. After being up an hour I decided to do the swim workout. That afternoon I got the whole strength training workout in. I did miss the long run but there was no way I was in any condition to do that AND the Century.

The ride went pretty well. Got up at 4:15 and out the door in 30 minutes. Should have left at 4:30 in hindsight. Got to Ocotillo at 6:35 or so and stood in line for the bathroom. Didn't get riding until 7:15. Was warm enough to wear shorts (tri shorts) but needed arm warmers to start. A few minutes in I realized I needed to put on a windbreaker which I stopped and did. Dropped my chain twice on the ride.
The weather was clear and 50 to 75+ degrees under sunny skies. The breeze was mild too. Reached the half way point in 3 hours 13 minutes without incident. Stopped to refill my water and grab 1/2 an energy bar. With a line at the bathroom I started back, knowing there would be a stop with plenty of portapotties within 15 miles. Spent 4 minutes taking care of business and then pushed on for the rest of the way back until I got a rear flat around mile 80. It took about 8.5 minutes to change it - I continue to stink at that. The flat was caused by a cactus thorn which I "wisely" removed before replacing the inner tube. I did learn that one should not sit too far off the road as there are many more cactus thorns lurking in the dirt.
Finished the ride in 6:16:42, including 18.5 minutes of non-riding.
HeartRate average - 122
Average Speed 16.5 mph
HR zone5 - 0, z4 - 21.5, z3- 4h50min, z2- 55, z1- 1min
Immediately following the ride I did a 30 min run. Just like on the run in Ironman, I had trouble keeping my HR and effort slow/easy at the beginning:
HR144max/136ave; zone5- 0, z4- 24.5, z3- 5, z2- .5, z1- 0

This coming week Linda has her 3rd round of Chemo-sucking-therapy. If I can I'll be trying to get my long 1hr 50 min run in as well as a relatively long 2:30 bike/30 min run brick and a 1650 freestyle time trial swim in.
Weighed 158.5 during the week.

Week Totals
Swim 3times - 8450 yd
Bike 2 times - 1x Trainer 1:30; 1x Road 6:17 (99 mi)
Run 3+ times - 2x run 1:00; 1x eliptical :50; 2x stairmaster :20
Strength Training - 2x upper, 2x core, 2x lower - 3 sets of 12+
Mon  rest day
am - Swim 2700 yd; Elliptical 50 min - 6 x 30H/1:30
pm -Strength train
am - skipped 90 min ride
pm - Swim 2550 yd; core
am - Brick 1:30 Trainer/:30 road run
Fri Took the day off for Saturday's ride
am - Ocotillo Century Ride/30 min run (see above)
Sun Not feeling sore today in spite of the century ride and run, just very tired. Was going to take the day off, considering my cold but after an hour of waking up and clean up, I felt good enough to swim and then return later for strength training.
am - Swim 3200 yd
500 wu; 5 x 500 Fr on 7:30 - 719, 16, 14, 16, 13
pm - Strength training

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