03 June 2013

27 May - 2 June 2013

I'm very excited that the Team Challenge Triathlon season officially started on June 1 after many info meetings,lots of planning, and helping other coaches with their programs. It's something I am passionate about. Of course even things you WANT to do can add some stress to your life. I'm confident that things will settle down and

As for training, this was a very challenging week that ranks among my worst training weeks since I started triathlon (save for the two great weeks of London vacation this year and when I was having and recovering from emergency surgery in 2010). Even during the times when I've been injured I got more workouts in. This was all I could manage to do under the circumstances (family/friend priorities, coaching) so I accepted it as a much easier week than planned and will adjust my weekly training plans accordingly, ramping up and shifting the next planned recovery week.

I intend to be more consistent with taking my waking HR (heart rate) to help gauge how training and other stress is affecting me. I have tried to use HRV (heart rate variability) but the free phone app (Azumio Stress Check) that I tried is pretty worthless (for me anyway). May look into other options since it seems to be a very effective way to measure stressors.

I'm also at least 6 lbs over race weight which is making me think about my less than perfect eating habits of late. Resolving to weigh every Monday morning. May do a 1 week food diary just to get real and shine a light on what I'm really doing.

I know that I perform best when I get at least 7 and preferably 7.5 hours of sleep. I also know that less than 6 is really bad - I'm too tired to function well, let alone train well. This has been more of an issue recently so on Tuesday I made it a rule that if getting up to train means a sub-6 hour night then I need to miss training and sleep instead. Friday I already broke the rule! But under the circumstances I felt it was important to rain and i was right. What a difference it made in my mood. Got in the pool at 5:08am and got in 3200 yd, followed by strength training, before getting to the j-o-b at 8am. It was easier to make that decision at 4:25am because I woke up NOT feeling tired or sleepy. I also knew I could snag at least 20 minutes of Zzz's during lunch.

Weighed 160.5 lbs during the week.

Week Totals
Swim 3 times - 9750 yd
Bike  times - 2x Spin 2:03; 0x Road; 1x Trainer 2:30 - Total 4:33
Run  times -  2x elliptical 1:25; 1x water running :40 - Total 2:05
Strength Training - 2x upper, 2x core, 2x lower
Wake up weight 160.5 (~6 lbs over race wt)
Waking Heart Rate 46 bpm
Recovery/Rest Day - Prep all day for bedroom recarpeting
am - Swim :60/3400 yd; Strength train all but core, triceps extend., biceps curl, deltoid lateral lift
5 x (5 x 100 Fr on 1:35=RI ~:10) RIx :30 - Set #1 - 1:24,25,25,25,24; #2 - 1:25,25,24,24,24; #3 - 124,24,23,23,23; #4 - 123,22,22,?,?; #5 - 123,22,22,21,23
200 CD
Strength training - time limited - left off core, triceps, biceps, deltoids
Very tough to get up. Not enough sleep but forced myself knowing I didn't train Monday and won't train Wed or Thur evening or Sat morning.
pm - Spin Class Bike Ride :62 - Aerobic thru Lactate Threshold
WU, 3 sets (see picture)
During 3rd set - 12 x :01 on, 5seconds off - Start at high Z2, last 2 hit HR 144-146
Finish strength training - core, triceps, biceps, deltoids
Waking HR 48
am - Elliptical Run :45 Aerobic
:10 WU build
:30 aerobic/endurance/zone 2
:05 CD
pm - Team Challenge Info Meeting - no training
am - Elliptical Run :40 Aerobic
pm - Team Challenge Info Meeting and Kickoff - no training
am - Swim 3200 yd; Strength Train
300S, 300K, 100S; 6 x 50 Fr on :50 w/hand paddles - long stroke
300 Mountain "Double Step" on :45/50 - 2 x 50 Fr on :45, 2 x 100 on 1:30, 2 x 200, 2 x 300, 2 x 200, 2 x 100, 2 x 50
200 CD
Strength Train
pm - Spin bike ride - :61 class - high intensity sprints
am  - Coaching - no training
pm - Swim 3150 yd
300S, 300K, 200Fr; 3 x 100 Fr P w/paddles
2150 Fr Time Trial - 34:15 - 500 Splits (7:21, 729, fade, fade worse)
barely finished the swim due to leg cramps - swimming after a high intensity spin session just does not work for me! No cool down. Final few hundred of the 2150 served that purpose.
Sun  - leg cramps all night last night from spin class and swim
am - 2:30 Trainer ride - Endurance zone 2 ride (HR mostly 120-129)
Originally a 3 hour road ride but with all the cramping I was concerned about being stuck out there on the road. Turned out not to be an issue.
pm - :40 Water run
RI = Rest Interval
RIx = Extra rest interval between sets
CD = Cool Down
Fr = Freestyle
K = Kick
HR = Heart Rate

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