08 July 2013

Goals - Ironman Arizona 2013

About 10 days ago we gave a presentation to Team Challenge on goalsetting. It included the purposes for setting goals, what types of goals to set (outcome, performance, process, experiential), how to use S.M.A.R.T. goal setting as a guide, etc. It inspired me to not only to "do a think" on my own goals but to also put them out there as a possible example. Below is my current draft of what I'm aiming for in 19 weeks. It will guide and drive my training and serve as motivation. This does NOT include my "Race Day Plan" which tends to be another page or two and incorporates the goals I have here. Feel free to use this as a jumping off point or simply as poke with a finger in the chest to get you to set your own goals. Then surround yourself with supporters and go for it! (FYI - if you find any miscalculations let me know - I'm not a Mathlete!)

Ironman Arizona Race Goals – 2013 November 17
Outcome Goals:
A Goal (w/run/walking) – age group top 30 / top 1/3rd
B Goal (w/mostly walking) – age group top 45 / top ½ (yes, even if I have to walk I want to be in top ½)
C Goalfinish!
Performance Goals (previous efforts are here for context):
2009 splits – 12:32:02 – 1:01 / 7min32s / 5:44 (19.51mph) / 6min 11s / 5:33 (12:43/mi)
2010 splits – 11:51:07 – 1:03 / 6min57s / 5:45 (19.47mph) / 6min41s / 4:49 (11:02/mi)
2011 splits – 11:46:56 – 1:01 / 5min49s / 5:32 (20.25/mph) / 2min46s / 5:05 (11:40/mi)
A Goal w/run/walking – 12:30 - splits 1:03 (1:32/100yd / 6.5 min / 5:40 (19.77mph) / 3 min / 6:00 - (13m43s/mile)
B Goal w/mostly walking- 13:09 - splits 1:03 (1:32/100yd) / 6.5 min / 5:30 (20.3mph) / 3 min / 6:30 (14m52s/mi)
C Goal - finish! Stuff happens and there are no guarantees.
Process Goal:
  • Mental: I will be emotionally "even" for the entire run, not allowing anything to get me too up or too down, until I'm within 2 miles of the finish. It will all be "up" from there.
  • Swim: I will start strong, relax and settle in, draft where possible, stay long, reserve effort
  • Bike: I will even split or descend the 3 loops; keep heart rate in low tempo zone (below 133).
  • Bike: I will cycle thru my mental check list – relax shoulders; hold aero position; use full pedal stroke; take in nutrition/hydration (early and often); stretch?; “Can I do this pace on the 3rd lap?”
  • If Run/walk: I will resist excitement and walk the 1st mile; alternate run with walk based on time or distance (to be determined PRE-race); go thru mental checklist – back and shoulders relaxed, straight waist, take in nutrition/hydration, “Can I do this pace on the 3rd lap?”
  • Walk: I will walk with purpose and move quickly;
  • I will finish strong and hard.
Experiential Goals:
  • I will race with joy and gratitude.
  • I will embrace my natural surroundings.
  • I will have fun with spectators and volunteers.

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  1. As always, realistic and inspiring!