04 December 2015

Experienced Novice Triathletes - off-season coaching

Announcing a new option for experienced novice triathletes!
After receiving requests for off-season coaching and a training plan, Slade Coaching is offering a special introductory coaching and training package. This package is meant specifically for novice triathletes who have trained for and raced at least one sprint or Olympic distance triathlon*. This unique package includes.
  • A weekly training plan to help you be in shape for the season ahead.
  • Workouts delivered to you virtually by email or via Training Peaks**.
  • Once weekly review and feedback of your previous week’s training.
  •  Optional free group training opportunities available in the San Diego area. 2 or 3 times per month you can anticipate a Saturday or Sunday road ride, ride/run brick, open water swim, or run/walk. Weather conditions will influence what is offered.
  • A minimum 10% discount on any for-fee clinics and/or group workouts.
  • This limited offer is for a one month commitment at the special price of $45/month (December $30). If you choose to join us for all 3 months (Dec, Jan, Feb) and pay in advance, you will receive a free ½ lb. bag of Caffe Arcidiacono coffee each month. (arcicoffee.com)
Why so inexpensive? We hope you’ll enjoy and value the experience so much that you’ll think of us in the future when you want specific, customized training and personal coaching for the race season.

See what it’s like to have planned training sessions. Receive personal attention and monitoring of what you are doing. Be accountable to a USAT certified coach whose goal is to help you be ready for your triathlon season.

Contact us through Facebook or by email (coachskipslade@gmail.com) with questions or to sign up and get payment details. Get Sladed!

*Please note that this package is not intended to prepare you for your first triathlon or to have you "race ready" at the end of February or beginning of March. It is also not intended for triathletes preparing for a 70.3 or full Iron distance race.

**Training Peaks is a relatively easy, convenient, accessible electronic training log and coaching tool that’s web-based and has free mobile apps for Apple devices, Android, and Kindle. If you choose to utilize this we will help you get started.

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