31 October 2010

Monday 25 October - Sunday 31 October 2010

Written Sun 10/31 - This week we got news that Linda will probably need chemotherapy and she will probably not be a candidate for SAVI radiation (1 week vs traditional 6-7 weeks). This was disappointing but it doesn't change the fact that her breast cancer is very treatable and survive 'n' thrivable. It just means that the steps she has to go through to be treated successfully will be more drawn out and unpleasant. We can live with that. It does mean that her trip to IMAZ is still in doubt. We won't really know more for another week or so. Will she be able to drive with my friend Phil and I or will she be able to fly out Friday or Saturday?

This past week was a BIG week in the Peak Phase. Saturday's rain got me to move my 6 hour ride to Sunday and do my long swim and long run instead. Did a 3500 yd free in the morning in 50:57. That pace is what I expect at this point, considering my torn rotator cuff and my loss of 5 weeks of training. The 3 hour run started 45 min. after the swim and the rain had stopped. It was beautiful and mild out. The first 1 3/4 hr were on the road, mostly in Leucadia above the coastline. The next 45 min were on a dirt track so I could have access to more of my water. The last 1/2 hr was on the elliptical. I've been diligent about carefully ramping up my swim yardage and my solid ground running, trying to avoid injury. So far so good.

Did the 6 hour ride on the road, on my bike of course. I didn't want to spend that indoors on a spin bike so I'm glad I chose to switch up the workout days because of that. It was a brutally long ride and felt like it would never end. Sticking with it was as much of a challenge as the physical challenge that came from riding the next day after a long swim and very long run, mostly on solid ground.

Found out that my race number will be 1913 for IMAZ.

This coming week is also a Peak Week but also a start of the taper in that the weekend will have a long swim (2.4 miles) and a long Brick (4hr bike, 1 hr run). The longest run and longest bike are in the books.
Weighed 155.5 lbs at the beginning of the week.

Week Totals
Swim 3 times - 10,750 yd
Bike 4 times - 11:22; 2x Spin 3:35; 2x Road 7:58
Run 3 times - 4:22; 2x run 2:30; 1x eliptical 1:22; 1x treadmill :30
Strength Training - core only


  1. Sorry to hear about your wife, but it is positive knowing that it is very treatable. FYI, my wife is very good about getting checked regularly. Is looks like you are in good shape for race day, glad to hear that your body is holding together. Only another couple weeks. Hope you stay healthy and hope your wife can make it out there to cheer you on. FYI, I shared her "race plan" with my 'rents so the have an idea of what to expect. It is extremely helpful.

  2. Thanks a lot Jamie! See you in Tempe.