15 November 2013

11 - 14 November 2013 Training Log

The build up is exciting and is the payoff for all the long hours of training. I reluctantly decided to go on antibiotics on Tuesday night as my GI system is less than perfect. While it really helps slow down the digestive tract, I am always concerned about it's affect on absorption as well as other side effects. Plus, I've been off it since May so I'm not exactly sure how it will affect me especially on race day. It's a gamble even if the odds are in my favor.

Wednesday I woke up with back muscles seemingly ready to seize up, tight and in knots. I had to be careful not to do anything to push them over the edge so I didn't do the hour bike ride at lunch. I also felt a little sick from about 9am on. I don't know if it was the antibiotic or what but I was ready to stop taking them if I woke Thursday feeling the same. Finished packing and staging everything on Thursday night, feeling a bit concerned about things but with the expectation that it would all be okay in the end. I used the foam roller and then a lacrosse ball on my back and that helped.

Thursday morning, 4:30, I got up reluctantly ready to skip more workouts but I felt pretty good. Rolled the back some more, then went and swam and ran. Then home to eat, load the van, and try to get to Tempe, Arizona in time to check in and pick up the race packet.

Will put up a new post of our trip to Tempe and the training blog with final taper workouts.
Monday - rest/recovery - no training
Tuesday - Began taking antibiotics in evening
am - Swim 2200 yd; Run :45 moderate
500S, 6 x 50 Fr on 1:05 - Odds ez, evens H; 50 ez
9 x 100 Fr on1:50 - descend 1-3, 4-6, 5-9
got an odd cramp in the knee area - strange
Run/walk - 1:30/1:30
lunchtime - Road bike ride 1:30 moderate
am - none
lunchtime - 1:00 road bike ride moderate
Thursday - Travel Day!!!
am - Swim 1900+yd; Run/walk :38
300S, 4 x 50 Fr on :55 descend, 50 ez
3 x (3 x 100 Fr) - set 1 on 1:50, set 2 on 1:30, set 3 on 1:40
200K; 150 CD
:38 run/walk, includes walking WU and CD

This is the plan for the rest of the week. It'll be in the next update.
Thursday - continued
am/pm - none; arrive at race and check in
Friday - in Tempe, AZ
am - Ride parts of the run course; :15 run
pm -Athletes Welcome Dinner
Sat - in Tempe, AZ
am  - Practice swim in Tempe Towne Lake; bike :15 
pm - none; Ironman World Championship on TV

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  1. In honor of the next installment of the Hunger Games Trilogy: May the odds be ever in your favor! ;)

    Seriously, you've got this!