10 November 2014

Ragnar Relay Las Vegas Race Report 2014 November

Wow! Epic. Crazy. Friends. Close quarters. Vanvy (van envy). Tagging. Sleep deprivation. "Moon" rise. Nutrition deficit. Direction challenges/"scavenger hunts". Portapotties. Some running (189 miles). 12 of the TC Crazy Train celebrating Chris Holcroft's birthday. Train engineer/conductor - Natalie/Nat-lee. Distance champion Kevin. The rest of the team of Crazy Train Ragnar Runners - Sally, Ima, Genna, Lily, Joel, Tam, Victoria, and June. Special thanks to Lily for looking out for me and making me sleep for an hour before my last run. AND for the oh-so-good celebratory O'Douls afterward.
My performance? Used 30 (or was it 31?) portapotties. Ran 3 times. Ran as fast as I could. Did better than expected, given that I didn't train for this until 2 weeks ago, then got sick and took a week off. Not a good idea but this wasn't for me.

What happens in Vegas... get's posted on Facebook... #TCcrazytrain #TCqrazytrain #RagnarRunsVegas
Thank you, my friends!!!

By the Numbers: maybe later, maybe not.

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