29 September 2015

Silverman 70.3 Race Plan

Thought I'd post my race plan for anyone that's interested in what detail I like to have before I race. As time goes by I tend to need less of this detail but I still put it in, if only to remind me of what's important.

Outcome Goals:
A Goal – age group top 10
B Goal – finish!
Performance Goals:
A Goal – 5:59 – splits – Swim :30 / T1 :04 / Bike 3:14 / T2 :03 / Run 2:09
B Goal – finish before the cutoff
Past 70.3 Splits
Oceanside 2009 splits – 5:33:53 – :28 / 8min26s / 2:50 (19.75mph) / 2min20s / 2:04 (9:29/mi)
Oceanside 2015 splits – 6:34:51 – :39 / 8min10s / 3:14:10 (17.30mph) / 5min18s / 2:27:54 (11:17/mi)
Process Goal:
  • Mental: I will be emotionally "even" for the entire race, not allowing anything to get me too up or too down. I will be focused on racing. I will carry gratitude, joy, love, and strength in my heart
  • Swim: I will start strong but relax and settle in, draft where possible, stay long, I can’t win the race on the swim
  • Bike: I will start easy/warmup effort on first hill; keep heart rate in zone 2, allowing tempo zone (below 133) on hills. Remember: GWL; I always go out too hard
  • Bike: I will cycle thru my mental check list – relax shoulders and be in aero position; use full pedal stroke; take in nutrition/hydration (early and often); stretch; ask “Will this set me up for a good run?”
  • Run: I will resist the early excitement and even split or descend the 3 loops. I will take walk breaks at every aid station and get plenty of ice and water; 5+ times every mile go thru mental checklist – back and shoulders relaxed, straight waist, take in nutrition/hydration, “Can I do this pace on the 2nd and 3rd lap?”
  • I will finish strong and hard.
Experiential Goals:
  • I will represent my family and Team Challenge with pride, good sportsmanship, and in a positive light
  • I will race with joy, with gratitude, with love.
  • I will have fun with spectators, smile, and thank the volunteers.
  • I will race hard and test my limits under the conditions of the day.
Race Week:
· Plenty of sleep – 7.5hrs minimum
· Daily quiet time: gather mental energy, visualize race, mini meditations, affirmation questions.
· No caffeine for final 2 weeks
· Minimize stress and avoid negative people
· Keep fiber consumption low beginning Saturday morning
· Visit key sections of the course: do a practice swim, drive/bike different sections.

Race – Night before:
  • Eat early
  • Lay out everything
  • Mental – meditation, affirmation, visualization
Race Morning (tentative):
4:10am Wake up
4:10 Bathroom; Drink breakfast smoothie (coconut milk, vegan protein, greens powder, l-glutamine), eat ½ bagel; take supplements: antibiotic, probiotic, magnesium, iron
4:30 Shave; Tri shorts and top on; body glide; Sunscreen lower arms, leg fronts, lower back, neck, face; apply TC tattoos, write with marker (Joy, Gratitude, Love, Strength); Heart Rate monitor; Garmin watch band; last minute stuff; Bathroom; checklist; Pack car – nutrition, wetsuit, swim stuff
5:45 Bathroom
5:00 Leave for race
5:45 T2 Race site (avoid going to T1): Bike ready: Nutrition bottle, aero bottle with water and Nuun, 2 SaltStick tubes, computer, pump tires, Garmin on, low gear, check bike. Bento bag: extra electrolytes, LaraBar pieces, tube with 1 Immodium & 1 caff pill; butt wipes, innertube for pocket. Body marked; Linda sunscreen upper arms, shoulders, calves; wash hands; pump and sunscreen handoff. Focus, visualize, relax, be grateful to be here
6:45 Wetsuit or speedsuit on, body glide, goggles and cap; drop warm up bag?; keep water bottle w/Osmo Pre-load, 3 Tums
?:?? Swim warm up or rubber tubing arm warm up, ez arm swings – give tubing to Linda
7:20 Do pushups while in line?
7:33 Don’t shuffle out to the start line - move
7:36 Swim Start – fluorescent orange caps

SWIM Goal: :30
Race Plan for Success:
- Find clear water quickly; find someone to draft behind
- Steady, sustainable effort – even-paced
Technique Focus:
Efficient pull
Relax legs
Relaxed and strong
"Strong and steady"

T1 (Transition1): Goal :04
Wear cool wings; drink small water with ZipFizz, 5 Perfect Amino and 1 Immodium; running mount on bike

BIKE Goal: 3:14 – Ride easy on first hill to start - it's not a sprint! Ride steady in order to run strong
Race Plan for Success:
-Monitor HeartRate - keep below 135 on hills; early on in low 120’s max
-Resist the excitement, shift often, spin up the hills, and pedal down hills
-Stay alert to avoid drafting
-Take water at all aid stations to spray arms, head, back
-Head check top down: Aero position eyes up, neck and shoulders – relax & stretch, hydration/nutrition, breathing, flat back, stretch back, full pedal stroke
-Calories ~800; Hydration – 1 bottle every ½ hour may not be enough – start early
-Bento Bag – 3 Lara bars(blueberry muffin) 2 opened (380cal), 4 Osmo sleeves, lense wipe, SaltStick salt tube, pill container
-Speedfil frame reservoir (160 cal/40oz) – prefilled on race morning with 2 Osmos and water
-Electrolytes – in Osmo; carry SaltStick salt for back up
-First aerobottle filled only with 1 Osmo (80 cal). Add water from aid stations. Refill as ride progresses
-In pill container – 1 Caff tab and 1 Immodium for TC aid station, 2 Tums.           
-In pocket – wet ones, 2nd inner tube

Technique Focus:
Head check top down: Aero position eyes up, neck and shoulders stretch, hydration/nutrition, breathing, flat back, stretch back, full pedal stroke, spin up hills
Relax shoulders
Relax into elbow pads
Stretch neck and back early and often
Head tucked, eyes rolled up – turtle view

“First hill is a warm up”
 “Sh’ma Yisrael…”

T2: Goal :03
shoes off at dismount, helmet off, socks off; Drink water with 1 immodium, 5 Perfect Amino; Aquaphor on toes, fresh socks on, shoes on; race belt on with 2 Shot Bloks, WetOnes in pockets, Hand-held water bottle with Osmo and SaltStick; glasses back on if taken off, hat on, wrist bands and race belt on.

RUN Goal: 2:09
Race Plan for Success:
-Resist the excitement - control heart rate - low 120's early, low 130's in later miles
-Walk aid stations
-Focus on form and efficiency and ease
-Start at easy pace, holding back until later miles
-Calories = 180/hour
-Water and ice – drink 32? oz per hour as needed from aid stations. Carry hand bottle with 5 Osmo sleeves and one already opened in container
-ShotBloks - take in blocks – ½ sleeve/hour max (100cal)/1 block every 2 miles starting around mile 3 or 4
-Electrolytes – included in Osmo; carry SaltStick powder for back up
-Tums peppermint as needed – carry
-Base pace on Heart Rate and perceived effort, NOT mile pace – even split or descend 3 loop course

 “What would it feel like to run with grace, with speed, and with pure joy?”
"Easy, then light, then effortless"
"What if I let go of my limitations and be a far greater athlete than I ever imagined?”
“What have I decided is not possible that truly is possible?”

This race is about testing limits, pushing my body, challenging myself, and proudly representing Team Challenge, “my” athletes, and my Linda.

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