24 September 2018

Ironman Chattanooga - RACE WEEK! - The Race Plan 2018

24 September 2018 update

Thank you so very much for the most recent donations. Every amount is valued and appreciated as we ask science to find cures and treatments for Crohn’s and colitis.

This update will be very brief! I’m in the process of collecting and packing all my things for the trip to Chattanooga. I need lists to stay organize and make sure I have everything I need. I try to eliminate as many variables and stress producers as I can prior to the race – I don’t have control over everything but what I do have control over is what I focus on.

If you want to follow me on race day, it can be done by downloading a free phone app, Ironman Tracker. I am #138 (Henry Slade). The race starts at 7:30am eastern time on Sunday, September 30. Linda might post on Facebook during the race, depending on how hectic it is (and if she has enough battery life!) Jayne might also be posting and texting as long as it’s not too disruptive of her spectating and cheering!

Instead of giving training totals and the like, my “Race Plan” follows. It is long and not necessarily of interest to everyone. I’ve written a race plan for every Ironman I’ve done, as well as many other races. This plan shows what my goals are and how I intend to achieve them.

Thank you for your support and thank you for reading this far. No obligation to read “the plan”. FYI the goals are at the beginning.

Ironman Chattanooga Race Plan
Past Performances (for reference):
2015 Ironman Arizona splits– 11:29:27 – Swim1:01:08 (1:34/100m)/ T15min23s / Bike5:21.49 (20.88mph) / T27min33s / Run4:53.34 (11:12/mi) – 9th place of 149 in age group
2014 Ironman Chattanooga splits– 11:56:31 – Swim0:49:46 (1:17/100m-downstream)/ T1 9min55s / Bike 5:39:33 (19.79mph) / T211min30s / Run 5:05:47 (11:40/mi) – 22ndplace of 104 in age group

Performance Goals
A Goal – 11:05:00 – Swim 0:55 / 1stTransition :07 / Bike 5:35 (20.75mph) / 2ndT :05 / Run 4:23 (10:00/mi) – Finish time will depend on if the swim has a downstream current or not.
B Goal – finish 
Outcome Goals
A Goal – win my age group of 60-64 year old men
B Goal – finish 
Process Goals
1)Mental: I will: Stay emotionally steady throughout for the entire race: calm but focused. Embrace the discomfort. Use my alter ego. Carry gratitude, joy, love, and strength in my heart
2)Swim: stay strong but relaxed and moderate, focusing on a solid pull and a relaxed kick, watch for swimmers passing who might be draftable.
3)T1: keep it smooth, flowing, and easy, going through the process, tuning out the excitement around me
4)Bike: get comfortable and go through checklists during 1st11 miles out of town. Start early with taking frequent breaks from aero to stretch the back. It’s a race but control effort when deciding to pass others. Repeatedly think checklist: aero position, relax arms/shoulders, nutrition status, full pedal stroke, time for aero break?, correct effort?
5)T2: Follow the steps deliberately and efficiently. Portapotty stop if needed.
6)Run: Ease into the 1st mile, walking as needed. Walk break at each aid station (approx. each mile). Be smart on the hills. Shift into my alter ego for 2nd ½ of marathon.
7)Finish: Leave it all out there. Live up to your Razorblade Slade alter ego
Experiential Goals
1)Represent my donors and Team Challenge with pride, good sportsmanship, and in a positive light
2)Race with joy, gratitude, and focus; SMILE
3)Embrace and enjoy my natural surroundings and fellow competitors
4)Thank and have fun with volunteers and spectators

*Quiet time for mental game, race plan, alter ego
*Taper off of caffeine
*Heat acclimatization just in case – sauna time
*Same as above
*Pack! Use lists
*Get stitches removed
*Quiet time for mental game, race plan, alter ego
*Stuff for flight – printed race plan, alter ego, ipad, neck pillow, snacks
*Stay in Zen bubble – avoid negative people and needless stress
*Attend Team Challenge meet ups
*Attend an Athlete Briefing
*Ensure enough water bottles for the race are at hand and labeled
*Charge Di2 gear shift battery
*Switch off “pause” on Garmin electronics and check display screens
*Turn in bike, bike and runbags
*Relax, feet up, foam roll, back stretches, etc.
*Charge all electronics
*Eat dinner by 6:00
*Double check special needs bags
*Lay everything out for tomorrow
*Prep race nutrition, cut packages, ensure enough bottles and water, organize for race

RACE MORNING:Timeline for tasks, mental state, arrival, etc. (note: use your own time increments)
4:00 Wake up and eat immediately
4:10 First bathroom
4:20 Shave; tri kit, heartrate strap, watch; body glide; apply race tattoos; sunscreen arms, legs, lower back, neck, face;
4:45 2ndbathroom
4:50 Use checklists to carry stuff down, load cars, and leave
5:00 Race site: Check bike (ez gear, tires), bike nutrition (have checklist), bike computer, drop Special Needs bags
5:50 Shuttle to Swim Start lineup
6:00 Sip Osmo drink; headphones song: Hall of Fameby The Script, etc.
7:00 Transition Closes
7:05 Start doing warm up – arm swings, resistance tubes, push ups
7:10 Drink Beet Elite/aminos drink; pee 
7:25 pour water on face and shoulders, fix goggles, ready to roll
7:30  Race Starts

SWIM: Goal time :55 with a moderate current, 1:07 no current
~Keysfor Success (pacing, mental, technique/physical):
*Sight a straight course, not just buoys
*Find someone to draft as available
*Early catch
*Steady, sustainable, even effort
*Relax legs and feet, using light kicking
~Mental: “Strong and steady”

T1: Goal time :07
~TaskList: get bag; dump bag, speedsuit in, goggles/cap off into bag, towel dry shirt and spread on ground; put on: chamois butter, shoes, arm coolers(?), gloves, glasses, helmet on, running mount on bike; Ride easy - it's not a sprint!
~Nutrition: water bottle with UCAN/Perfect Amino
~Mental: steady, calm, efficient

BIKE: Goal time 5:35 (20.75mph)
Keysfor Success (pacing, mental, technique/physical):
*Get comfortable in saddle and run through checklist
*Checklist – relaxed arms/shoulders, back position and status, nutrition, pedal stroke, effort
*Frequent back stretches – stay ahead of pain
*11 miles out of town is a WARM UP
*Hold back on first loop
*Resist the excitement
*Shift often, spin up the hills, aero and pedal down hills
*Stay alert to avoid drafting
*Sink into pads, head tucked, eyes rolled up “turtle view”
*Ride steady to run strong – heart rate below 127 (zone 2)
~Nutrition (up to 300 cal/hr)
*Fuel 5 carbohydrate powder and maple syrup in 40oz water (Speedfil) – sip every 10min, chasing with water
*Water w/Nuun electrolytes in aero bottle
*Clif Bloks – 2 sleeves, cut open (200 cal each)
*UCAN bar – 1, cut open (180 cal each)
*Perfect Aminos at ½ way
*Caffeine starts at 40 & 90 miles
~Mental: take in nature; “Sh’ma Yisrael”; song: Hall of Fameby The Script

T2: Goal time :05 (including bathroom stop)
*Deliberate, thoughtful, measured effort. BREATHE
~Tasklist: shoes off before dismount, handoff bike, helmet off; Note card to volunteer – “Please tell me to take gloves off”, Aquaphor on toes, socks on, shoes on, hat on, wrist bands, race belt; Portapotty if needed
~Nutrition: Shot Blocks, tabs bag in pocket (10 SaltStick Melts, 5 Amino tabs, 2 – 1/2  Caff tabs for 2ndloop), Hand-held water bottle with UCAN, amino, etc;

RUN: Goal time 4:23 (10:00/mi.)
*Resist the excitement - walk first hill and control heart rate - low 120's (zone 2) early
*Walk aid stations
*Focus on: form and efficiency and ease 
*Run on perceived effort but check heart rate and pace (take hills into account)
Nutrition(up to 200cal/hour)
*Water and ice – drink 16-24 oz per hour as needed from aid stations
*Clif Bloks – 1 sleeve/hour (200cal)/1 block every mile
*Clif Shots (gels) – 1 every ½ hour during 2nd ¼ of run
*Electrolytes – 1-2 Saltstick Melts every hour as needed
*Tums peppermint as needed
*Caff 1 tab – at 2nd loop
*Red Bull option during 2nd1/2
~Mental: “What if this is the way it’s supposed to feel?” “What if I’m a stronger athlete than I think?” Alter ego – Razorblade Slade; song: Hall of Fameby The Script

BOTTOM LINE: This race is about pushing limits, challenging myself to tolerate discomfort, qualifying for Kona, and proudly representing Linda, my family, Team Challenge, my donors, and my honored heroes.

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