29 September 2019

Deal Maker

When it comes to workouts and struggling to finish, or even start, I sometimes make deals with myself. This afternoon was one of those times. It was the 2nd week in a row that I'd done a Sunday 100+ mile ride. Last week was a good one, though I struggled at the end. The brick run after the ride was tough as the sun was out and the humidity was up a little.

This week's ride was a struggle for the final 15+ miles. I just wanted to get to the end. As the final miles began to accumulate and fatigue got worse, I made a deal with myself: "Just finish the ride. You can skip the run. Get home so you can eat and recover." That got me home and off the bike but then I started reneging on the deal. My legs felt heavy and tired but I put my Hoka OneOne Clifton 6's on anyway and went back out the door, deciding I could head back at any time. By the time I got into the 2nd mile I was feeling okay and pushed on. By mile 3 I was actually feeling good and my speed had picked up without really pushing it. And mile 4 followed - it was the best one. In the end I ran way faster than last weekend's brick run and did much better than I had any right to expect going into it.

Whether it's drinking a cup of coffee, remembering your goal, or making a deal with yourself, the most important thing is TO START. You might be pleasantly surprised with what results!

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