09 February 2009

Monday 9 February 2009

There are eight weeks left until California 70.3, the half distance Ironman in Oceanside. My training has been consistent and strong. I've put in a combined 1500 miles of training since December 1st. I feel like I could finish this distance with all the training I've done so far. And I believe I can do it in a respectable time.

There have been setbacks. One, there was getting sick about 3+ weeks ago with a cold that stuck around for over 2 weeks. And two, at the end of December, after a 5K race that was my best by a lot, I began to get the first twinges of what has proven to be plantar fasciitis. At various points since then it has gotten less painful and more painful. After yesterday's training run of 12 1/2 miles it is the most painful it's been and I am worried. So concerned that it's bad enough to keep me from getting to the finish line April 4th. And concerned that it will affect my Ironman dream that's due to be achieved in November.

Time is getting uncomfortably close for the Oceanside race.

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