28 September 2009

Monday 21 September - Sunday 27 September 2009

Written Sun 9/27 - This was my attempt at blending a Build Week and a Peak Week, with the first week of Power Phase in the weightroom. That means lifting 3 sets of 8, going to failure. Lifting was exhausting--I've never lifted this way ever before, which makes it sort of a leap of faith for me. Most of what I know about it was from the 70's and 80's as it relates to swimming. Triathlon is NOT swimming! So much to learn. I had 9 weeks left going into the week, leaving 8 weeks starting tomorrow, Monday 9/28.
This was a very challenging weekend. Saturday was successful and not overly tough. The long ride was well- paced and I got off the bike feeling like I could do a run. Sunday was more difficult. Instead of a scheduled long swim, I swam in a meet; at least as difficult. My slower timeswere a reflection of my Sat. ride, my wight training, and my training focus--Ironman. Still, it was disappointing but not unexpected, to swim slower in every event.
The 2 hour water run in the afternoon was doubly tough. I struggled with it for about 45 min but finally got into a zone. But not before thinking, "What the hell am I doing this for?" Those negative thoughts got pushed away in half a minute because I had answers to that question. At the end of the day it felt like I'd made another very noticeable step towards Ironman preparation and it happened in 2 areas--the physical and the mental. And I have to say I am pleased. I can store this one away in the memory bank for recall before and during the race.
Acupuncture has been a failure in helping me, I think. Time is running out and so are my options. I think I'm headed towards walking next week so that I can at least walk a marathon. I'll see how the heel feels.
Went to my Oriental Medicine doctor on Monday to treat the return of pouchitis. Am taking his medicinal herbs as a tea and will see him in another week.
Had my massage guy tell me if I really wanted to benefit most from his massages that I should come once a week and then rest the day after. After considering what he had to say I came to the conclusion that his goal of my feeling good is not my primary goal. My goal is to be able to train and perform the best that I am capable of given whatever my current limitations are. If massage will help me perform better and reduce my limitations then that's what I want. Feeling good is a secondary outcome but not worth sacrificing workout time for.
I need to start solidifying my race plan as much as possible. This will help me focus even more on my goal.
Weekly Totals:
Swim 8500 yd
Bike 9:15
Water Run 4:05
Wts 2 times
Monday 9/21 Rest day
Acupuncture appointment
Dr Chen
Massage 50 min
Tuesday 9/22
Swim 3200 yd, 40 min Water Run
3 x 100 Fly K on 2:05
3 x 100 Fr P on 1:30
7 x 100 Fr on 1:30
6 x 200 Fr H (RPE8) on 3:20 - 241, 240, 40, 42, 40, 39
100 SD
Water Run 40 min
20 min @ RPE8
pm weight training - power phase 3 sets of 8 to failure
Wednesday 9/23
am Spin Bike Ride 1:30
60 min class
30 min pre- and post-class
HR152/132; 993 cal
Zone4- 59:18, z3- 18:16, Z2- 6:10
pm no workout
Thursday 9/24
am Swim 3050 yd, 45 min water run
6 x 100 Fr on 1:30; 50 S
6 x 150 Fr H (RPE9) on 3:10 (RI~1:15 - include 25ez) - 154, 154, 154, 154, 155, ?
100 K - cramp problems; 200 S
6 x 50 Fr Sprint on 55 - 35, 36, 35, 36s
Water Run 45 min
pm Spin Bike Ride 1:25
30 min pre- and post-class; 55 min class
HR157/137; 923 cal
Zone5- 5:20, z4- 47:27, z3- 19:21, z2- 6:09
Lift weights - arms
Friday 9/25
am Spin Bike Ride 65 min
5 min pre class, 60 min class
HR 154/126; 651 cal
Zone4- 19:06, z3- 32:26, z2- 8:12
Perceived effort higher than HR; tough to push this morning
Strength training - core
pm Lift weights - legs
Saturday 9/26
am Road Bike Ride 5:15, 93.6 miles
HR ave126; 3122 cal
Zone4- 45:48 (a little long), Z3- 3:41:06, Z2- 38:52
Worked on pace as I want to even or negative split the bike at Ironman. Wanted to be mostly in Zone 3. Resisted the urge to race/pass other riders with bursts of effort. Only pushed hard to beat traffic lights. Felt good, except for the neck of course. Nutrition and hydration seemed to be very good. No bathroom issues in spite of pouchitis.
pm Water Run 40 min
at recovery effort
Sunday 9/27
am Swim Meet 2250 yd
500 Fr-6:20.63 (111.3, 117.5, 118.2, 117.6, 116.1), 100 Fr-1:01.45 [59.97], 100 IM-1:10.90 [1:01.45], 50 Fr-26.44 [25.66], 200 Fr-2:19.93 [2:19.93] - last year's times in brackets
pm Water Run 2 hours

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