15 November 2009


Crashed on the bike today, Sunday. It was my first big crash on a bike and it freaked me out a little bit. Was turning right onto another street at a reasonable speed and the bike slid out from under me. Happened very fast. I got scrapes, cuts, bruises, and a sprained finger. The bruise on the inside left quad was pretty swollen, to the point of not being able to bend it. 2 people stopped; very nice. The 2nd guy took my bike and me home where Mrs Sladed worked on me before we decided to go to urgent care. I was pretty emotional, not from the pain but because I was afraid this would be the setback that finally kept me from the starting line of Ironman Arizona. I'm in a different place now. With nothing broken and the swelling starting to improve, my taper won't go as planned, but I know I'll be at the starting line. This is just going to ADD to my Ironman story!

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