16 November 2009

Monday 9 November - Sunday 15 November 2009

Written Sun 11/15 - The taper is working as I hoped. The legs and body are starting to come around now as fatigue begins to fade. Whenever you taper there is always the concern that you are doing the right amount of work. Are you doing enough to keep your condition? Are you doing too much so that you end up tired at the starting line? Tapering for this is different than any I have ever done. I just have to trust my "plan" and my gut.
We leave for Arizona on Wednesday afternoon. That will give me plenty of time to settle into a different environment and to make things that are unfamiliar, familiar. That will help remove some inhibition and free me up to just do it.
Continuing medicinal herb tea from my Oriental Medicine doctor for my pouchitis and physical therapy using the Graston Technique for the plantar f-ing-itis. No time for acupuncture.

Weekly Totals:
Swim 11,200 yd
Bike 8:03
Water Run 1:25/Treadmill or Road 3:18
Wt Training 1 core workout
Monday 11/9
Rest Day
Physical Therapy - Graston Technique
Tuesday 11/10
Swim 3300 yd, Water Run 45 min
3,2,1; 4 x 100 K on 2:05 - 3 Fly, 1 Fr
6 x 100 Fr mod on 1:30
6 x 200 Fr (RPE*8) on 3:20 - 238, 37, 38, 37, 37, 38
125 SD
water run 45 min
30 min at ~RPE8
pm no workout

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