14 May 2013

6 May - 12 May 2013

Week Totals
Swim - 6700 yd
Bike - :60 Spin; 0:00 Road
Run - :50 elliptical
Strength Training - 1.5 sessions (2 core) - 2 sets of 12-15 - building back to where I left off before previous taper

A dismal week of training. Didn't even get in as much as I expected, which I knew would be low due to coaching and family priorities. Leg cramp "bruise" in left calf took until late Sunday to feel normal again. Speed walked and ran through the airport Sat. night to make connecting flight. No foot/heel pain. Moving forward to a new week, with expectation that I'll be short by a couple of workouts because Team Challenge info meetings begin on Tuesday. I'll be dumping my "Monday is an Rest Day"routine for the next several months to accommodate coaching schedule. Am a firm believer in the need for rest but mine will be scattered throughout the week instead of having a straight 24-36 hours off.
Overate compared to workout level this week. Did not get on the scale. Going on 10 months straight of oral antibiotics for pouchitis (my version of ulcerative colitis). Keeps things under control but can't seem to get off of the stuff, which makes me quite unhappy. Blessed though that they allow me to do all that I do.
I'm thinking I should write up a post on muscle cramping and another on rest and recovery.
Coaching clinic and Team Challenge took a lot of time this past week. Always surprising how much planning time goes into these things. Mother's Day on Sunday, I was a bad son and husband. The day was wonderful thanks to son2 "Perfect Copy" and "Son1". Spent a nice day with Linda but my card and gift giving were pathetic.

Monday 6 May
a.m. - no workout planned - rest
p.m. - strength train
Strength training - 2 sets 12-15 reps, deliberate flexion and extension, add weight where possible, core work
Tue 7 May
5:10am - Elliptical :40; Swim 3000 yd
Elliptical run :40
WU :10 build 3 to 9 resistance
Zone1-2 :25, resistance 9-10
CD :05
6:05am - Swim 3000 yd - speed emphasis - :63
5 x 100 Fr on 1:35 - warm up set
500 Fartlek Swim - alternate 25 ez choice, 25 Fr fast
5 x 100 Fr on 1:35 - faster than first set
500 Fartlek Fr 1,2,3,4 - 1 length ez, 1 length H, 2 lengths ez, 2 lengths H, 3 lengths ez, etc.
100 CD
2 x 50 Under/Overs
5:30pm - Spin Class Bike Ride
:60 ride - WU :10, :45 Sprint training, CD :05

am - no training scheduled
pm - outside obligations - no training scheduled
Thu 9 May 2013
5:50am - Swim 3700 yd - Endurance/aerobic
WU 200S, 300K, 200S
6 x 50 Fr on :50 - work on catch, alternate breathing
5 x 500 Fr on 7:45 (RI~30s) - 7:14, 14, 13, 17, 33 - last one fell apart a little, struggled to maintain stroke, paused to release calf cramp
CD 200S; both calves and 1 on the right anterior near the shin cramped as I climbed out of the pool. The left calf was strong enough to be sore and "bruised" hours later.
Strength training - squeezed in a few leg and arm exercises as I know tonight and the weekend are very limited.
pm - Nothing except a the core routine; skipped trainer ride to prep for travel, etc.
Fri - Nothing - travel to Baltimore to give Team Challenge coaching clinic
Sat - Nothing - Team Challenge coaching clinic; travel home
Sun - Mother's Day
no training

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