16 June 2013

10 - 16 June 2013 Training Log

While I was considering doing "minimalist training" for IMAZ, I'm chickening out. I've spent some time over the past few months working on some speed and while not ignoring endurance. Before that it was more endurance focused but without an Ironman in sight. Now it feels right to shift back to an endurance and base building phase, using the tried-and-true Phil Maffetone protocol that helped make Mark Allen into the force that he became. I'm no Mark Allen but what he learned and still uses with his athletes is something I understand and believe in. I'm no professional nor a spring chicken but I have confidence in Maff's approach being a healthy one.

I'm still reserving judgment on my plantar f-ing-itis treatment, hoping for forward movement and success. If I don't keep that attitude then this training will have little to no purpose.

I have been tapering my antibiotics for pouchitis (like ulcerative colitis) for 2 weeks. This past week I took a 1/2 tab twice/day from the original 1 tab twice a day. I added a powerful pouchitis-specific probiotics taking 2 capsules at least 2 hours after the antibiotic dose. (2 capsules contain 225 billion lyophilized lactic acid bacteria - 8 strains.) There have so far been no negative results and maybe a slight positive - jury is still out. I've been on antibiotics - 5 different kinds, plus (sorry for the details) mesalamine, hydrocortisone, and anucort rectal medications - for 13 months. I want to be OFF this antibiotic stuff if I can without worsening my health.

Next week looks super busy. Will likely not get everything in as it looks. Family and coaching will require some extra time this week so I'll just do what I can and let the rest go. Not gonna weigh in on Monday (tomorrow). I know it will be nothing but bad - didn't reduce calorie intake even though training was on the light side this week. And then Father's Day - as my dad would have said, "I had a fat attack!"
Weighed 160.0 lbs to start the week.

Week Totals
Swim 3 times - 10,050 yd, Total 2:55
Bike  times - 1x Road 3:42 (62.4mi); 2x Trainer 3:05 - Total 6:47
Run  times - 0x run; 3x elliptical 1:50; 2x walk 1:05; 0x water running - Total 2:55
Strength Training - 2x upper, 2x core, 2x lower - 2 sets of 12-15 - Total ~3:00
Mon - weighed 160.0
am - Strength train 
WU Elliptical :10, strength train except core (move to tonight)
pm - Planned elliptical but feeling more fatigue than I want from Sun. Postpone until Tue morning.
am - Swim 3400yd/:58; Elliptical run :50
300S, 300K; 5 x 100 Fr on 1:30 w/handpaddles; 100 Fr
2 x (5 x 200 Fr on 3:00) RIx30 between sets - expected rest ~10 sec. - time range 2:53 to 2:49
200 CD
Elliptical run :50 aerobic/endurance Z2
pm - Coach Team Challenge swim workout - no training
pool opened late so was unable to do a planned 2000 yd swim
Wed  - sleep 7 hrs
am - Trainer bike ride 1:15 - Endurance effort zone 2
1:30 was planned but slept in to get my 7 hour minimum
pm - Trainer bike ride 1:50 - Endurance effort Z2
Thu - HR45, sleep 7hrs
am - Walk :35
Walk :10 ez, then build to fast pace. Postponed swim and elliptical workout. Up too late working.
pm - Coach Team Challenge run workout - Zone 0 ez bike ride ~:30 (no training)
Fri - sleep 6.5; +:20 nap at lunch
am - Swim 3350yd, :58; Strength training - no core, biceps curls, or lateral lifts
300Fr, 300K, 100 S - forgot hand paddles
2 x ( 8 x 50 Fr on :50 RIx ~:30; 4 x 100 Fr on 1:35 RIx ~:30; 2 x 200 Fr RIx ~:30) - focus on catch-to-bent-elbow and hip roll)
4 x 50 "UnderOvers" on 1:10 (25 no breath free or underwater swim, 25 ez)
50 CD
:15 "transition" (shower/change)
Strength train - 2 x 12-15 reps to fatigue - short on time
pm - Elliptical run :50; finish strength training
am  - Coach Team Challenge bike workout - no training
pm - 1pm Swim 3300yd :60; 5pm Walk :30 - with :22 at fast-ish pace
Did the same workout from Friday; swam with a friend so took slightly longer breaks between sets (still less than a minute). Times were 1-4sec. faster than Friday's on every set.
300Fr, 300K, 100S
2 x ( 8 x 50 Fr on :50 RIx :30+; 4 x 100 Fr on 1:35 RIx :30+; 2 x 200 Fr RIx 1:00-) - focus on catch-to-bent-elbow and hip roll)
4 x 50 "UnderOvers" on 1:10 (25 no breath free or underwater swim, 25 ez) - leg cramp on last one so used it as an ez swim/cool down - didn't sprint the no breath 25's
Sun - Father's Day
am - Road Bike ride 3:43 (3:27 moving), 62.4 mi., 18.13mph ave
Included 1 climb up San Elijo Hills. Zone 2 though I didn't use HR. Felt like I strayed into Z3 for some of the ride.
pm - afternoon off for Father's Day
RIx = Rest Interval extra = added rest between sets
CD = Cool Down

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