29 January 2015

Over Weight

Part of achieving success with my Mission 16/60 goal, not to mention living healthier, is weight and nutrition. So I'll be open with this like I've tried to be with my training and challenges. My current weight is 165.5 lbs. No, that's not horrible by many people's standards but it's not a good weight for me. It's at least 10-12 pounds over what I feel is my ideal race weight. To me it seemed to come on pretty quickly and easily - ever since Ironman Chattanooga. I know it is "fat" weight and not a result of packing on some lean muscle, which is an important differentiation. It will be a challenge to get it off.

Obviously there are a jillion different ways to try to accomplish weight loss. Not everything works for everyone. I do know a few things that will work for me. The trick will be turning these things into habits so that they get closer to being simply part of my routine. Also, making big changes can be difficult - smaller changes and adjustments are more doable, especially when it's more a long term goal that doesn't have to show instant big results.

I do not plan to follow a "diet" (e.g. Paleo, South Beach, Atkin's) but I do intend to stick closely to "my diet". "My diet" is a combination of things I consider "healthy". They tend to fuel this triathlon/endurance sports lifestyle I've embraced for 7 or so years now. What is healthy is an always evolving concept but I have a good idea of what's right for me. Staying very consistent will be part of the challenge.

One thing I'll be doing is recording my weight each and every week. I'll do it on the same day, at the same time, on the same scale, with the same (lack of) clothes on. For me once a week works best. For others a daily weigh-in is useful. I find a daily weigh-in to be too much of a roller coaster. First thing Monday morning will be my appointment with the scale.

Next, I intend to pay a lot more attention to what I'm eating and how much I'm eating. Even though most people would say that I have a pretty clean diet I'm still able to stray from the ideal AND also eat way too much. My downfalls are nuts and tortilla chips. Even though I eat the organic Trader Joe's "reduced guilt tortilla chips", I'm not without GUILT! Those chips paired with hummus or something else adds up to a lot of wasted/waisted calories.

Another intention: I have two "eat consciously" strategies to help me accomplish my goal weight. The first way is to simply be aware of what I'm eating and how much. Sitting and eating an unknown quantity of nuts out of a 2 1/2 lb. container from Costco, even if they're "good for me", leads me to overeat. Eating not just ONE oz. of those tortilla chips straight from the 10 oz. bag without thinking is also a bad habit.

  1. Taking out a smaller, even a measured, amount can help make me aware of how much I'm eating. 
  2. Pre-planning and consciously choosing what I'm going to eat instead of grabbing the easiest thing will also help. Going further and questioning whether or not it's nutritious and healthful or whether it's mostly "garbage".

Finally, I'll be working to try to ask myself questions before and during eating. This is a habit I haven't practiced much yet but here are MY questions.

  • Before I eat, or even better, before I plan my meal or before I order my food at a restaurant: "How do I want to feel after I leave the table?"
  • Before and during eating: "Am I eating like a smart and thoughtful triathlete?"
  • Before and during eating: "Will this help me achieve my goal of eating healthy? Will this help me reach 153-155? And will this support success long term with my Mission 16/60?"
Who knows if all of this will be enough? I've already done well with some of this on one day and then turned around and had a "fat attack", as my father used to call it. (He also used to say "I'm starting my diet on Monday" as he went to the freezer to scoop out a bowl of ice cream.) I'm not waiting until Monday, although the Super Bowl will not likely help my progress. I'll take it as my first big test while still enjoying some bad food choices... hopefully in moderation.

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