24 September 2018

Ironman Chattanooga in 4 weeks

3 September 2018 Update – Beer at the Beach?
I am grateful to ALL my donors – Thank You! Last week a long time friend got me to the $6000 mark.  Then, over the weekend there were 2 donations that took me over the $8000 mark! I am so very appreciative to everyone. Currently we’re in 1stplace on the Ironman Chattanooga Team Challenge IronTeam, for now, and I hope to reach out to others to share the journey. I’d love for us to be the 1stplace fundraiser come race day! (online.ccfa.org/goto/skipslade )

Here’s the 12th training update. No obligation to read! Looking ahead, there are 4 weeks of training until Chattanooga and 11 until Arizona.

I haven’t mentioned it in a while but I’m currently on one antibiotic to treat my ulcerative colitis (pouchitis) symptoms. It has helped me be in a pretty good position health-wise, which has allowed me to train at maybe the highest level I ever have. I keep my fingers crossed because I know I’m sort of on the edge as my GI health moves very VERY slowly in the wrong direction. It in no significant way is impacting training but I know where I’m at with things and I need to constantly be aware. The past 2 Thursdays were slightly affected as I had no reasonable access to a bathroom on the 90 min bike/60+ min run. This caused an “inconvenience” when I had to force my GI system to back up. People with Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis have to worry about public bathroom availability much more than the average person out there. It goes with the territory.

The long run of 18.5 miles was late Sat. afternoon. After overeating at a not-so-great lunch, the run started out miserably. During the first few miles I was making all kinds of bargains with myself to just get some of it done. I thought I might not even get to the 6 mile mark! As the run progressed the bargaining stopped and I sucked it up and finished.  Admittedly it was much slower than it should have been but it actually got easier in the later miles.

Sunday was the long ride. I put in 119 miles in the saddle, followed by a 4 mile run. The ride started at 7am at home in Encinitas. I rode to the coast and headed north through Carlsbad. ½ way thru Carlsbad I felt something hit the back of my helmet. Then I saw a beer can roll on the ground. It turns out some passenger in a car driving by finished most of a beer (7:55am) and decided it would be hilarious to nail me with it. Fortunately it hit my helmet and fell harmlessly to the ground. No concussion, no injury, no bike damage, no crash. I was a little angry but also relieved to be in good shape. It was a Coors Light can. Ironically, Friday Corey (Son2) had been talking about that being my beer of choice way back when I drank. Due to my colitis I haven’t had a drink of alcohol since 1999. The ride continued into the hills, back to the coast, and up through Camp Pendleton and the San Onofre Nuc Plant. Back pain was nearly nonexistent. Thursday’s appointment with the physio and the resulting exercises have made a big difference. Hopefully that will continue.

“Heat preparation” continues for the possibility of a hot Chattanooga race. If the weather is mild, no harm done. Did 3 stints in the Sauna of at least 15 minutes. I’m build up to 30 or more minutes.

Here are the numbers for last week:

Weekly totals: 25hr 05min (not counting sauna time); 232.0 miles
Swim 4hr 06min – 13,418 yds (3 swims), longest: 4,318 yd
Bike 10hr 45min – 185 miles (3 rides), longest: 119 miles
Run 7hr 13min – 40.3 miles (3 runs + 2 brick runs), longest: 18.6 miles
Strength Training 3hr 01min
Body Wt. 156 lbs – plus or minus

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