27 November 2019

Ironman Arizona 2019 Race Plan

Ironman Arizona is Sunday. I'm so grateful to those who came out to spectate and support, and for the love and support I've gotten from afar. It will be my thirteenth and probably final Ironman until they tap me for Kona in another year or 2 (although I age up to the 65-69 age group in 2021!). I'm bib #877.
Here are some best and worst splits for reference:
2015 IMAZ – finish time 11:29 – Swim 1:01/ T1 5min23s / Bike 5:21 / T2 7min33s / Run 4:53
2018 IMAZ – finish time 12:37 – Swim 1:05 / T1 12min07s / Bike 5:45 / T2 6min24s / Run 5:28
Projected splits if the day goes well:
2019 IMAZ - 12:00 - Swim 1:05 / T1 10 min / Bike 5:45 / T2 5 min / Run 4:55
Race Plan (very long and detailed) only for those with a deep interest!...
Performance Goals
A Goal – finish (required to validate my Kona Legacy slot)
B Goal – 12:00:00 – Swim 1:05 / 1st Transition :10 / Bike 5:45 / 2nd T :05 / Run 4:55
Outcome Goals
A Goal – finish
B Goal – top 5 in my age group of 60-64 year old males
Process Goals
1)Mental: I will: Stay emotionally steady throughout for the entire race: calm but focused. Embrace the discomfort. Use my alter ego. Carry gratitude, joy, love, and strength in my heart
2)Swim: stay strong but relaxed and moderate, focusing on a solid pull and a relaxed kick, watch for swimmers passing who might be draftable.
3)T1: keep it smooth, flowing, and easy, running a 1/4 mile and going through the process, tuning out the excitement around me. Consider the temperature; don’t rush.
4)Bike: get comfortable and go through checklists during 1st miles out of town. Start early with taking frequent breaks from aero to stretch the back. It’s a race but control effort when deciding to pass others. Repeatedly think checklist: aero position, relax arms/shoulders, nutrition status, full pedal stroke, time for aero break?, correct effort?
5)T2: Follow the steps deliberately and efficiently. Portapotty stop if needed.
6)Run: Ease into the 1st mile, walking as needed. Walk break at each aid station (approx. each mile). Be smart on the hill. Shift into my alter ego for 2nd ½ of marathon.
7)Finish: Be strong, steady, in good form, and push, but FINISH
Experiential Goals
1)Represent my family and Team Challenge with pride, good sportsmanship, and in a positive light
2)Race with joy, gratitude, strength, and focus; SMILE
3)Embrace and enjoy the surroundings and fellow competitors
4)Thank and have fun with volunteers and spectators
*Turn in bike, and bike and run bags
*Relax, feet up, foam roll, back stretches, etc.
*Charge all electronics
• Eat late lunch, smoothies for dinner
• Lay out everything
• Blend breakfast smoothie
• Body marking; chip on; write with marker (Inspire, Gratitude, Stronger, TC Tri, Razorblade Slade Fire Up)
• Mental – affirmation, visualization
Race Morning:
3:30am Wake up
3:40 Bathroom; Drink breakfast smoothie (almond milk, vegan protein, UCAN, l-glutamine), eat ½ bagel; take antibiotic, probiotic.
3:50 Tri kit on; timing chip; body glide calves, arm pit/lat area; Sunscreen arms, shoulders, lower back, neck, face; Heart Rate monitor; wrist bands; last minute stuff; Bathroom; To Do Checklist; Pack car – nutrition, wetsuit, swim stuff,
4:15 Bathroom
4:20 Drive to venue and park
4:40 Swim band warm up
5:00-6:30 Transition open – set up transition:
Mat, towel, run stuff, bike stuff, nutrition
Bike ready: Garmin; aero bottle w/water & Tailwind; fill 40 oz. reservoir w/water, Tailwind; place nutrition; check tires, low gear.
Bento box: SaltStick Chews, tube with 2caff pills split, chamois creme; butt wipes, inner tube for pocket. Wash hands. Focus, visualize, relax, be grateful to be here
5:20 Portapotty; Wetsuit/speedsuit on, body glide (arm pit area, calves), goggles and cap; keep and carry water bottle BeatElite and cold bottle for pour over
6:00 Walk to race start; tubing, and clothes handoff
6:50 Swim Start
SWIM: Goal time 1:05
~Keys for Success (pacing, mental, technique/physical):
Early catch; “anchor” left arm
Easy 2 beat kick
Relaxed and strong
~Mental: “Strong and steady”
T1: Goal time :10
~Task List: get bag; dump bag, wetsuit in, goggles/cap off into bag, towel dry shirt and arms; put on: chamois butter, shoes, arm warmers, gloves, hand warmers, glasses, helmet on, drink, running mount on bike; Ride easy - it's not a sprint!
~Nutrition: water bottle with UCAN/Perfect Amino
~Mental: It’s a long run. Put on arm warmers, socks; drink small water with UCAN, and 5 Perfect Amino; running mount on bike
steady, calm, efficient
BIKE: Goal time 5:45
Keys for Success (pacing, mental, technique/physical):
*Get comfortable in saddle and run through checklist
*Checklist – relaxed arms/shoulders, back position and status, nutrition, pedal stroke, effort
*Frequent back stretches – stay ahead of pain
***Bento bag – lense wipe, nutrition, pill tube
*1st miles out of town is a WARM UP
*Hold back on first AND 2nd lap
*Resist the excitement
*Spin up the false flat, aero position, pedal down hills
*Stay alert to avoid drafting
*Sink into pads, head tucked, eyes rolled up “turtle view”
*Ride steady to run strong – heart rate below 123 (zone 2)
~Nutrition (250 to 300 cal/hr)
*Tailwind powder in 40oz frame reservoir and aerobottle – sip every 10min, chasing with water
*Clif Bloks – 3 sleeves, cut open (200 cal each)
*Caffeine starts at 56 miles
~Mental: take in the view; “Sh’ma Yisrael”; song: Hall of Fame by The Script
T2: Goal time :05
*Deliberate, thoughtful, measured effort. BREATHE
~Task list: shoes off before dismount, handoff bike, helmet off; gloves off, Aquaphor on toes, socks on, shoes on, hat on, race belt; Portapotty if needed
~Nutrition: 1 Shot Blocks, tabs bag in pocket (10 SaltStick Melts, 5 Amino tabs, 2 – 1/2 Caff tabs for 2nd loop), Hand-held water bottle with UCAN, amino, etc;
RUN: Goal time 4:23 (10:00/mi.)
*Resist the excitement - walk main hill and control heart rate – 116-126 (zone 2) early
*Walk aid stations; ice into hat
*Focus on: form and efficiency and ease
*Run on perceived effort but check heart rate and pace (take hills into account)
Nutrition (150 to 180cal/hour)
*Water and ice – drink 16-24 oz per hour as needed from aid stations
*UCAN bar – 1, cut open (180 cal)
*Clif Bloks – 1 sleeve (200cal)-1 block every mile
*Gu gels – 1 every ½ hour during 2nd ¼ of run
*Electrolytes – 1-2 Saltstick Melts every hour as needed
*Tums peppermint as needed
*Caff 1 tab – at 2nd loop
*Red Bull option during 2nd 1/2
~Mental: “What if Skip is stronger than he thinks?” Alter ego – Razorblade Slade; song: Hall of Fame by The Script
BOTTOM LINE: This race is about finishing to validate the legacy slot. Secondarily it’s about pushing limits, challenging myself to tolerate discomfort, and proudly representing Linda, my family, and Team Challenge.

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