20 May 2021

Bass Lake Triathlon Checklists

 Slade Coaching Bass Lake Tri Checklist 2021 Full List – You Decide What You Need!

Pre-race items – Note: create your OWN list of what YOU will need. Not everything in this list necessarily applies to you.  

o   Cheap flipflops for the run/walk up from the lake 

o   Warm up clothes 

o   A bag to put everything in  

o   Sunscreen 

o   Chap stick/lip balm 

o   Permanent marker (for DIY body marking)  

o   Race Nutrition (Gels / bars / etc. for pre, during, and post-race)

o   Fluid replacement drink (pre, during, & post-race)  

o   USAT card and picture ID (if you have an annual membership)

o   Money (just in case)  

o   Cell phone (Cannot be used during the race) 

o   Bike pump, bike repair kit on bike (spare tire/tube, CO2 pump or pump, tire levers, etc.) 

o   Watch, Garmin, and/or Heart rate monitor including strap 

o Race bottoms

o   Race top

o   Sport bra 

o   Goggles (spare pair?)  

o   Antifog/Baby Shampoo 

o   Swim cap (race provides) 

o   Wetsuit or speed suit (optional: neoprene cap, booties, ear plugs)  

o   Body glide or similar body lubricant 

o   Electrical Tape or Duct Tape  

o   Timing chip and strap (already on ankle BEFORE you leave for race)

o   Race number  

o   Race belt or safety pins  

o   Remove ring(s) or use bandaid to keep from falling off

o   Backpack 

o   Body glide/spray (or borrow from teammate) 

o   Emery board for fingernails 

o Pocket knife 

o   Small water bottle to sip pre-race or use after swim to rinse feet 

o   Ziplock bags for cell phone, etc. 

o   Wetwipes for portapotty or for hands, face

o   Extra toilet paper or tissues

o   Feminine products (if possibly needed) 


Check List By Segments – You Decide

Pre-race items - Also see full list 

timing chip and strap (supplied by event - already on ankle BEFORE you leave for race) 

race number (supplied by event) 

race belt or safety pins  

remove rings (finger) or use bandaid to keep from falling off 



body glide (or borrow from coach, teammate) 

emery board for fingernails 

pocket knife 

bike pump (or borrow from coach) 

sm. bottle water to sip pre-race 

Chapstick/lip balm/make-up(?) 

Ziplock bags for cell phone, etc 

wetwipes for portapotty or for dirty hands

identification, Road ID,  

heart rate monitor, Garmin, bike computer, etc.

temporary tattoos, inspirational note/picture, wristbands, etc.

Feminine products (if possibly needed) 



tri shorts 

tri top/shirt 

event swim cap 

wetsuit if wearing one 

BodyGlide or TriGlide spray

goggles (and back up pair?)

flip-flops or large socks


Transition 1 (swim-to-bike) 

 transition towel or mat  

 water bottle (to rinse feet) 

 extra towel (?) 


 socks (if using, put in shoes) 

 bike shoes (or running shoes) 


 bike gloves 

 arm warmers 


 gels or other calories 

 water bottle on bike, possibly with electrolyte and/or calories 


 bike in low gear 

 extra contact lenses or eyeglasses

 Feminine products (if possibly needed) 


Transition 2 (bike-to-run) 

 running shoes

 extra socks (?)


 running skirt, etc. (if wearing one)

 nutrition – gel, liquid, and/or solid calories


 Feminine products (if possibly needed) 

Post Race

 room key/car key 

 cell phone (to brag of your success!) 

 change of clothes! 

 post-race nutrition 

 money and ID (for adult beverages) 

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