24 October 2008

Friday 24 October 2008 - my bro's bday

Weighed in at 157 lbs. Any weight loss is unintentional but weight is probably close to the lowest I should be. Plan to start weight training today to improve core, quads, glutes, and hammies, as suggested by Diane Buchta and Mark Allen.
9:45am Brick - 60 min Exercise bike (Cybex) 21.08 miles, 20 min Treadmill Run 1.65 miles; weightlifting
60 min Exercise Bike 21.08 miles
10 min w.u. - a little tough to get it going
50 min at aerobic (HR 120-130)
HR max133/ave121
Treadmill 20 min 1.65 miles @ 5mph + 4 min walk
Stay at recovery/low aerobic level on run. Still easing back into running. No walk break.
HR127/121 (not including walk)
overall HR133/108; 972 cal including walk and wts.

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