19 June 2009

Monday 15 June - Sunday 21 June 2009

Last week was challenging, with people coming to visit, my bar mitzvah, Son 1's birthday, etc. This week is more of the same. Son 2 has a birthday, we have a house guest, and we will be traveling Friday thru Sunday where I probably will not get any workouts in. It's especially difficult to get a workout in since I'm not running on the road, which can be done almost anywhere. Since last Saturday was a 'forced' day off, I plan to workout on Monday instead of it being my usual day off. I'll do the same the following week because of this coming weekend's traveling.
"...you don't have to put an age limit on your dreams...." ~~Dara Torres, Age is Just a Number

Incomplete log. Just gonna post anyway...
Monday 6/15
am Water Run 1:20 min

pm spin Bike Ride 60 min
HR137/127; 623 cal

Tuesday 6/16
am Swim

am lift weights

pm water run

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