17 October 2010

Monday 11 October - 17 October 2010

Written 10/17 - It was a great week this week. Linda's surgery went well and she is recovering. Next week we hope to find out what here treatment will be (chemo-hoping not; radiation for 6-7 weeks or SAVI radiation for 5 days.) All of this will determine whether or not she can go to Ironman Arizona. My friend has agreed to go with me/us so if Linda can only come for some of it, he'll be able to drive me back, since I know I won't be able to drive!
It's been 3 weeks since I've made enough time to do a post. Have pretty much kept up with the workouts. I moved this week's long ride and long run to midweek so I could be home for Linda. The ride Wednesday didn't go as planned. After the first 2 hours of a planned 6 I had 3 flats. I had run out of supplies, not to mention patience. Got a ride home and rode 2 hours that late afternoon on the spin bike. The Thursday run included 2 hours of running on solid ground followed by 50 min. on the elliptical machine. The left heel has a sore spot on it so I'm continuing to be cautious so that I don't end up with plantar f-ing-itis returning. Saturday's long swim included a 2500 yd. which I negative split by 500's and averaged a 1:28/100. My plan is to keep building this up so I can keep a comfortable 1:30-1:32/100yd pace during IMAZ. This will mean giving away just a few minutes, but considering it's with a 75% tear in one of my rotator cuff tendons, I'll be very happy with that.
Started getting a cold on Saturday - slight sore throat and sniffels. Skipped most of my weight training on Sunday in favor of rest and a nap. The "indoor brick" of 1:30 on the spin bike and :45 on elliptical took more out of me than I expected.
Weighed 155.5 lbs on Friday, the lowest since my intestinal surgery back in April.

Week Totals
Swim 3 times - 8500 yd
Bike 3 times - 2x Spin 3:25; 1x Road 1:51
Run 4 times - 1x run 2:01; 3x eliptical 2:20; 1x treadmill :45
Strength Training - 0x upper, 1x core, 1x lower, 1x shoulder rehab - 3 sets of 10 with speed


  1. Skip, I know how hard it is to keep it all in perspective, but it sounds like you are getting it done. Kathy and I were talking about you and Linda the other day and we know what you are going through. But remeber you are going THROUGH it and not camping there. I will say a prayer for your body. Keep up the good work and we will see you in at Tempe.

  2. Skip!!!!
    You are a true true 100% Ironman!
    Nothing...but nothing has come easy to you...yet you fight like a soldier through it all!!
    I am putting my money on YOU!!!!
    Too bad you can't race at Del Mar...i would BE RICH!!!!
    Best of luck, my friend!!