12 July 2015

Mission 16/60 Update - Group Rides

I thought it was time for an update on my progress towards my long range goal of qualifying for Kona in 2016. With that race still 10 months in the future, the goals have included gaining some speed and endurance on the run while not losing much, if anything, on the swim or bike. Silverman 70.3 and Ironman Arizona are the 2 races on the menu this year.

Since the self-inflicted bike crash nearly 5 months ago, I’ve lost ground on all 3 disciplines. It has been something of a struggle to gain back lost fitness and return to my old form, even though I wasn’t in great shape for the swim or bike before the crash. The running was coming along at the time.

I’m able to run consistently though, which is a good thing. The swim will be what it will be. I’m feeling my age there as the speed seems to slowly slip away, even as I try to fight it! It’s way easier for that to happen when you come from a swimming background and you’ve had a long history with a sport.

I’ve struggled to get back my enthusiasm for riding. It’s nothing to do with the crash – it’s the long   As a coach to many of them I also know what they need to get in for the races they’re training for, which is an added incentive to be there and encourage them to get it done.
training. But now the bike is finally seeming to come around. In no small part it’s because I’m not training solo most of the time like I have in the past. Doing some group rides with a handful of good people has forced me to lift my effort and to persevere.

So here’s a shout out and a thank you for helping me, even if you didn’t know it, to find my old biking self. Phil, Chris, Natalie, John, Genna, Tam, Joel, Neil, Sally, Kevin, and Joe... and others I may have missed. Whether you’re faster, slower, or the same speed as this old geezer, keep pushing, keep pedaling, and keep making strides towards your goals. I am grateful to you all!

One final note of gratitude: to Linda, who tolerates this craziness and loves me anyway.

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