25 June 2018

Ironman Chattanooga in 14 weeks

There are 14 weeks until Ironman Chattanooga. Last week was more of a “recovery week” where I cut back on training before I ramp up higher in the coming weeks. I had a very good 6 mile run (for me) on Thursday. It was a “brick” workout, which means I did the run immediately after a bike ride. I was pleased to average just over 9:00 per mile for the final 5 miles. My goal pace on race day will be 9:30/mile so I’m working on being mentally tough and changing my perception of the effort I believe I can suffer through on race day.

Sunday on a 50 mile ride I came upon a 12 or 13 year old riding on a triathlon bike with his parents. He looked like he knew what he was doing. I went past them and heard his dad say, “Go ahead Randy.” Uh-oh, I knew I was in for a challenge. This kid rode right behind me for about a mile, hanging tough as I accelerated and pushed harder. I didn’t want to lose him, just make us both work for it. Of course, most of all I didn't want him to PASS me! We came upon 2 more young teen triathletes and they jumped in behind Randy and we rode a pace line for another 4 miles before they turned off in another direction. It made me smile to have those young triathletes riding my tail and making me work hard!

Totals: 14hr 59min
Swim 2hr 33min – 8912 yds(3 swims)
Bike 6hr 08min – 106 miles (3 rides)
Run 3hr 37min – 20.3 miles (3 runs)
Strength Training 2hr 40min (2x chisel phase, 2 core routines)

Looking forward to staying on track and putting in a big week this week.

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