02 July 2018

Ironman Chattanooga in 13 Wks (20 wks to IMAZ)

There are now 13 weeks until Ironman Chattanooga (20 wks to IM Arizona) and this was a bigger week than last week – 5 more hours of work. I was overall happy with it. I had another good Thursday run – this one was 7 miles. Friday’s open water swim was just under 4000 yards, 300 short of the race distance. I’m often frustrated with my swims because I can see myself getting slower as I get older. On the other hand it’s not surprising because of the higher level of swim experience I have from training and racing as a teenager.

The Saturday long run is always tough for me because I do it in the late afternoon after coaching all morning and then going to brunch. Last week was a 14 mile run and the 1stmile was a struggle. The 2ndmile got better and by the end of the 3rdI was in the swing of things. Able to maintain a good training pace on a hilly course, doing 13.1 of those miles (half marathon) in 2hr 13min. That’s 10:08 per mile, fine for a training run.

Sunday’s ride was 81 miles, from Encinitas, north up the coast through Camp Pendleton, to San Onofre, and return. Followed that immediately with a 2 mile run that was pretty much a shuffle for the 1st½ mile. Lunch and a nap followed!

Totals: 20hr 00min
Swim 3hr 06min – 10,892 yds(3 swims)
Bike 6hr 38min – 147 miles (3 rides + an easy spin)
Run 5hr 13min – 30.6 miles (3 runs + a short brick)
Strength Training 3hr 03min

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