09 July 2018

Ironman Chattanooga in 12 weeks (IMAZ in 19 wks)

This is the 4th update on training for Ironman Chattanooga and Ironman Arizona. My health has been mostly good. During the spring I was possibly headed towards surgery to help relieve some issues I was having with colitis and my j-pouch. A happy accident – forgetting my 2 antibiotics when I traveled on June 1 – has led me to being completely off the meds ever since and I’m functioning better than I have in a good while. 

I moved my Saturday long run to today in order to attend the wedding of a special young lady. A few years ago Missy was our Team Challenge team’s “honored hero” to help remind us why we fundraise. She has ulcerative colitis and had to give up her promising gymnastics goals because of it. She adjusted, moved forward, and dealt with this difficult disease as a teenager. Things weren’t easy for her and kids even made fun of her. Yet, she persevered. She even joined us to complete a triathlon. She was an eloquent speaker, she went to college (but had to miss classes, withdraw, and start over thanks to colitis), and she was chosen to be a student ambassador for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. SHE is an example of why I care so much about this cause.

There are now 12 weeks until Ironman Chattanooga (19 wks to IM Arizona). I was again happy with how training went this week. I have goals in mind and each time I execute training well, it’s like placing another building block into the structure I want completed for race day. 

Wednesday I did a 50 mile ride event that allowed me to push a little harder since it had a casual race atmosphere. I had another good Thursday run following a 25 mile ride – this one was 8.5 miles, mostly a bit faster than race pace. Friday morning’s open water swim was 4100 yards.

Sunday’s long ride was 85 miles, from Encinitas, north up the coast through Camp Pendleton, to San Clemente, and back. Followed that immediately with a 3 mile brick run.

Thank you to all of you who have donated to my fundraising efforts as part of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation’s Team Challenge Iron Team. If you ever want to add to it, the link is: online.ccfa.org/goto/skipslade 

This week’s totals: 20hr 41min
Swim 3hr 17min – 11,305 yds(3 swims)
Bike 9hr 25min – 159 miles (3 rides)
Run 5hr 28min – 32.6 miles (3 runs)
Strength Training 2hr 30min (missed 1 core-focused session)

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