23 July 2018

Ironman Chattanooga in 10 weeks (IM Arizona in 17 wks)

This is the 6th update on training for Ironman Chattanooga and Ironman Arizona. Linda and I celebrate our 36th anniversary a little late with a short mid-week getaway this week. I’ve adjusted training so I won’t need to ride or swim while we’re gone. Below is how the week went but first a short answer to the question: "What’s your goal?"

Aside from fundraising for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation (I’m currently slightly in the lead for IM Chattanooga athletes), I have 4 types of goals I’m training for. I have performance and outcome goals, the kind most people think of when they think of goals. I want to win my age group so that I can qualify for the World Championships in Kona, HI for 2019. I also want to get under 11 hours for my finishing time. My process and experiential goals are equally important and influence the other goals. I’m preparing myself to find a new level of suffering on race day. I'l also be ready to execute my race pacing plan and my nutrition plan. I will be happy if I manage to take time to be grateful to each of you supporters and if I cross the finish line with nothing left.

Ventura Cove, 6 a.m., pre-swim sunrise
There are now 10 weeks until Ironman Chattanooga (17 wks to IM Arizona). Fatigue was a little less this past week as I did less running to help the legs recover and be ready to do even more in the coming weeks. Friday’s open water swim got cut short

by 700 yd when cramps got my calves. They weren’t mild ones – they were the kind that struck suddenly and hard. Rather than risking not being able to ride or run over the weekend, I cut the swim short.

Great Blue Heron looking for breakfast
My long ride on Sunday went better than expected and was the opposite of last Sunday when it seemed like it was mostly drudgery. Yesterday’s ride was mostly good with a nice chunk of it near race pace. The roads were extremely busy along the coast (summer, beachgoers) so I headed inland to finish and hit the 100 mile mark. I followed it with a 3 mile run. Then I ate for the rest of the day!

The long run was shorter and a little slower than the previous few weeks… by design. It was “just” 10 ½ miles, was unaffected by the calf cramps from Fri, and went well. I managed to miss my 2ndrun of the week in order to help coach one of my athletes on the bike.

Thank you to all of you who have donated to my fundraising efforts as part of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation’s Team Challenge Iron Team. If you ever want to add to it (and help me stay in 1st place), the link is: online.ccfa.org/goto/skipslade 

This week’s totals: 20hr 40min
Swim 3hr 16min – 11,393 yds (3 swims) - longest: 4,050 yd
Bike 11hr 03min – 178 miles (3 rides) - longest: 100 miles
Run 3hr 26min – 19.7 miles (2 runs + 1 short brick run) - longest: 10.6 miles
Strength Training 2hr 54min

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